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Collection the Russian bards has filled up the eleventh disk Veronica Dolina


on April, 21st the eleventh disk of a collection « has gone on sale; the Russian bards » devoted to creativity Veronicas Dolinoj.

Veronica Dolina has ended the French special school 48 and the Moscow teacher training college of a name of Lenin in 1979, having received a French teaching profession. Worked in library and magazine. To sing the beginnings in student`s years, in 1971 - m, but the first disk left only in 1986. All songs composes only itself. Its six-string guitar by name of Ljuitera is made in the single copy.

we Will remind, sales of a new collection « » In booths of Syktyvkar and Republic Komi have begun on February, 10th.

Each release of a collection consists of the small book in firm cover and a musical disk. In the book are presented the story about life and creativity of one of legendary bards and a small selection of texts of its most known songs. Every Thursday there is a next collection.

the Following release will be devoted to Vadim Egorov`s creativity .

to buy disks it is possible in booths of Mail of Russia in Republic Komi and in Syktyvkar, booths and shops of a network of Art - info, a trading network of Allsorts, in TSUMe and at office « » to the address: Syktyvkar, street May Day, 9.

the Recommended price - 150 roubles.

All questions connected with a collection, it is possible to specify by phone (8212 24 - 46 - 74 .