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In the Tver region the big water will leave in the end of April

Still on eighth of April it was possible to walk easy on a bottom of Volga near a pier on River. And now on this place waves lap. Then in connection with an expected big high water on Ivankovsky HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION have made water dump. The shoaled sites suggested about ecological accident. Now from signs of that « accidents » there is no also a trace. The coastal trees growing at the edge on quay of Volga, already in water. Water and in Tmake rises, threatening with flooding to summer cafe opposite « the Olympus ».

- the Water basin is filled. Volga in a channel. No flooding will exist. If where - that the water level in coastal territories also is exceeded, it from - that the storm water drain does not work. Thawed snow has no place to disappear, the drainage system does not operate, - the chief engineer of the Tver area of hydroconstructions Alexey Hlebnikov has explained in telephone conversation .

On Ivankovsky HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION too assure that a situation while in norm.
- water dump goes, as before. Now we dump more than two thousand cubic metre a second. There are water measured fasts in Zubtsove, Staritse, Tver, they carry out regular gaugings and conduct supervision, - the director of the Ivankovsky hydrosite Vyacheslav Kireev has told .

And here on quite reasonable question: « a leah Long will proceed still water level lifting? » experts in hydraulic engineering constructions have given unexpectedly religious answer, say, it is known only by the Lord, and they work upon.

In Tver gidromettsentre for the supreme hope, but give quite concrete forecasts.
- the low level of water on eighth of April has really been fixed, went srabotka water basins. For today water has risen on 4 metres of 1 centimetre. Under our forecasts, rising of water in the rivers will proceed slowly but surely, - the chief Tver gidromettsentra Tatyana Zimin notices .

Now goes active tajane snow in woods, the moisture filters into soil. Damp weather also contributes in level lifting. So about one month it is necessary to suffer the big water. However any CHS weather forecasters do not predict.
in the regional Ministry of Emergency Measures too do not wait for emergency situations, here result concrete figures of the termination of a high water – 25 - on April, 27th.

If rising of water calls trouble in Rybnadzore consider the simple inhabitant that waters it is necessary more.
- Still there is not enough water to provide an exit of fishes on spawning areas which are located on shoal. The last year`s water vegetation, spawning place, should be filled in by water and stand some weeks, - the chief of department of the organisation of the state monitoring and reproduction of water bioresources of Verhnevolzhsky territorial administration Rosrybolovstva Dmitry Gvozdarev speaks .

Such the water level was on April, 8th...
a photo: SOROKIN Alexander


... And so water has risen now
the Photo: Tatyana RUMJANTSEVA