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As guys tempt us under books

In last number « fatties » we have begun conversation on how guys tempt us by book advice of a certain Russian writer - the expert on female hearts Alex Lesli. (Read: As guys tempt us under books) Lesli in detail describes, what should be the first esemeska, the first call. And here the young lady is ready, agrees on a meeting. Well and how it to plant on sex further? The author of books assures: there are no ladies, on the first appointment not given. Time has come, means, further - a trick.


Readers warn - ideal appointments do not happen. Therefore it is necessary to train and train on different girls. Ideal appointment is described so: have chatted, and has then begun veiled lapanie. You to it guess on a hand. And even on a foot. And effortlessly you tell to it that waits for you happiness with … (Well and further you describe yourself, effortlessly). Or you tickle - representing the test for jealousy. Still a variant: to suggest it to dream up on a subject: and if you remained on desert island with the man, than you would be engaged?

the Author results a good phrase thanks to which the girl reveals: « it seems To me, you something keep back … »

Marina: And that so skromnenko? I here at all away if the guy also embraces strong, will press to myself. All it is very pleasant and permissible even on the first appointment. Under a condition, of course, if both of us understand that the spark has run, to constrain itself there are no forces and to continuation precisely to be. As they say, that to pull? Especially when - the same from languishing looks needs to be passed to corporal contact! Also will be more correct, if the first it will be made by the man.

Natalia: It agree, quite good advice. Only it is necessary to watch reaction. If the girl does not want guessings and shchekotany, means, she has already decided that you are unpleasant to it. Perhaps at you the bad deodorant or smells from a mouth or dandruff and the dirty worn out boots. More shortly, everything, have rejected you.

And a phrase « it seems To me, you something keep back … » it is not good. And it would be desirable to respond: « And that! » - and to start giggling.

to Appointment are devoted steam of hundreds pages. The basic idea - the girl should start to trust. However, the author does not guarantee that directly at once « will go to numbers » - but at good coincidence of circumstances of it will think at least. And it it is necessary for this purpose « to clamp » and « to raise ». And as - that by itself happens that you will go to you or to it.

Marina: Here all depends on the girl and from a stage of relations. On the first appointment such eagerness would frighten me. At once it would become clear, what exactly he wants from me. And if we are familiar much more close, but yet have not translated the relation to a new stage, this priemchik quite can and work. But, believe, men if the girl does not want you, any « obzhimalki » will not help! The desire should be at both.

Natalia: If it agree that embrace you - touch - give smacking kiss, yes, it is possible already where - that to go.

How unostentatiously to thrust to it

It is advice for those who has already got acquainted with the girl, on the first appointment has not tempted, but definitely it was pleasant.

to Call:

- Greetings, you houses?

- Yes, here, I sit one …

- And I just drove by and have remembered about you.

- And that has not called?

- You did not invite, it is inconvenient … But I can be developed and call in, if you will promise me to feed …

the Author considers - very few people from girls will refuse.

Marina:   From a word « to feed » me has distorted. And how much I fed them! However, my friends too made this mistake, thinking what to merit love it is possible good feeding. Mjasko such - sjakoe, soljanochka, a small fish baked … My friend for the sake of one of which has been completely enamoured, at a plate was ready to stand hours. The guy was, frankly speaking, not small. Therefore it providently fried full protiven meat that he has eaten before sex and it is obligatory after. And where now all these fed? So the occasion to call in precisely should be another. Better simply to tell: « I have missed » « Wanted you to see ». And it is not necessary to arise on a visit. And by the way, and to itself to invite poorly?

Natalia: Normal, on - to mine, advice. If the guy already was pleasant and informs that drove by, has remembered, and still wants to eat - let calls in. A pretext quite plausible. To fry fried eggs not the problem. And if will appear on a threshold with a package of products and a small bottle of good wine - chances to be late will grow in a geometrical progression.

the Resume from Natalia:

Here in what the author is unboundedly right, so it that women want sex not less, than men. Only try not to speak about it. The society all - taki still patriarchal enough, will denounce. Therefore do not hesitate, tempt. Though under books, though without. It will not be pleasant to one - will attract another. The main thing - though something do!

And more it is necessary to remember that disposable sex at women not in honour. Many are convinced: if you to the man are really expensive, will suffer to the third - the fourth appointment. However, it is to men after all on a hand: what macho would like to feel the disposable?


Vadim (28 years, has got the book « How to wake up on a visit » five years ago)

- Girls, you are not right! All advice of Lesli works!

- Really there was no puncture?

- In the beginning, of course, there were failures. The most important thing in this case not to lower a hand. It is necessary to work further! To analyse that you have made not so. Most likely, simply not correctly followed advice or has chosen not that model of behaviour. This book is useful to those who was not born the macho to whom fears and complexes do not allow to approach to the girl and to get acquainted. Here a minimum of the theory and a maximum of a practical advice. And all of them work.

- As? Share.

- the Most important thing - to make the first positive impression. For example, there is I in the company where it is a lot of girls. I begin on hardly - hardly with all to communicate. The first stage is passed - already all know me, I before all was lighted and to me already concern as the. Then I choose the girl who was pleasant to me most of all. I know that through any time I will have its phone. Only never he should be asked. The girl asks it from me, the main thing - to tell a treasured word « write ».

- Now all girls of Minsk thy?

- All it is not necessary to me! Only what me interest.