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On Brestchine already +23!

There is such sign: for judaic Easter necessarily should become cold. And orthodox Light Sunday usually warm and solar. But this year roman catholics, orthodox and jews celebrate Easter in one day - on April, 24th. What will be with weather?

- Weather will not worsen, will be on - spring heat and is solar, - has told « the main weather forecaster of the Republican hydrometeorological centre Olga Fedotova. - However, the anticyclone which has brought to us solar weather, will depart on Gomelshchinu, to jugo - to the east, and on its place more damp air weights from Baltic sea will come. They will bring an intermittent rain in separate areas of the country. On Friday will be from +12 to +19 degrees. Most warmly on jugo - the West of the Brest area - to +23. On Saturday hardly will become cold - in the afternoon thermometers will show from +11 to +16.

On Sunday, for Easter, the power over weather again takes a warm Scandinavian anticyclone. In the afternoon will be from 12 to 19 degrees of heat, and in the south - to +22.

weather forecasters count that next week the spring will continue to please us with solar weather without any precipitations. And let at night it will be still cool, all to +5, in the afternoon air will get warm from +13 to +19 degrees, and in southern areas - to +20 - 22.