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Masha Iovleva remains in Komi

Today, on April, 14th, double paralimpijskaja champion Masha Iovleva, its tutor Tatyana Lindt and trainer Alexander Porshnev have met the Head of Komi Vyacheslav Gajzerom. Head has congratulated the champion on the next victories (on April, 11th Iovleva has returned from the World championship in Hunts - Mansijske where took two more « gold » - a comment red).

According to trainer Alexander Porshneva, at a meeting the question of increase in a monetary contentment for the sportswoman was discussed. We will remind, in December Masha Iovlevu hardly was has not enticed to myself other region. To the sportswoman have suggested to act on the Olympic Games in Sochi - 2014 for a national team of one of the Siberian regions. Masha Iovlevoj`s trainer has decided that there its schoolgirl will have the best conditions for preparation for the Olympic Games in Sochi. Masha was not against moving.

Now, according to the trainer of the champion Alexander Porshneva, it decided to remain in native republic.

- the Most important thing that the management of Komi has solved a question with Masha`s salary, now it same what to us promised and in other region, - has shared with « the trainer, but the sum of the promised salary has not told. - so conditions suit also me and Masha, therefore what for to us to leave a native city? Leah Masha

For a long time will be late in republic - a question. Maria Iovleva and it « the second mum » Lindt on - former seriously consider a variant of moving to Germany (there at Tatyana there live relatives). In the end of April of the girl go to Germany to come to see Tatyana`s relatives, and at the same time - « on investigation ».

- to Live in Germany and support Russia on the Olympic Games in Sochi Masha can only with the consent of Paralimpijsky committee of Russia, - Porshnev tells. - Basically it can act and for Germany, but she should live in that country full three years. And concerning its citizenship I learnt, it will receive it without problems.

the INQUIRY « »

Native mother has refused Masha Iovlevoj right after births, and all life the girl grew in state walls. Since seven years it was nurtured in the Kochponsky house - a boarding school. After loud victories in its Vancouver native mother tried to return, to Masha has decided to remain with the favourite teacher.


Russian paralimpijskaja the national team since recent time was divided on two commands. As an occasion to such division letters addressed to the president of Russia Dmitry Medvedev, the minister of sports, tourism and the youth policy of the Russian Federation of Vitaly Mutko and in Federation of skiing of Russia have served. Have written their trainer from different regions of Russia, including from Komi. From « us » The letter has been written by Alexander Porshnevym, in it he has told about Irina Gromovoj`s despotism, the senior trainer paralimpijskoj Russian national team, about its eternal requisitions from sportsmen and trainers.

- Now one part of a national team conditionally named « Russia - 1 » the trainer from Bashkiria Amir Gumirov, another &mdash will head; Gromova, - Alexander Porshnev continues. - Masha, naturally, will train at Gumirova.