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It is possible to pass free medical examination in Murmansk area

« the health Centers » are intended for revealing of possible diseases at, apparently, healthy people. There it is possible to pass inspection absolutely free of charge, without spending for these purposes money in private institutions.

- the Center is not intended absolutely not for treatment of patients. It is created to reveal pathological changes in a healthy organism, - the head physician of the regional centre of medical preventive maintenance Vladislav Dvornikov explains. - that is the person lives and on what does not complain, and we to it suggest to pass inspection to reveal possible illness, and then already to treat.

  « the health Centers » are equipped by exclusively modern and expensive diagnostic equipment. programmno - the hardware complex investigates an organism as a whole, and other devices - work of separate bodies. For example, kardiovizor allows to see heart in the three dimensional image.

In area territory exists 6 « the health Centers ». Three in Murmansk, on one - in Monchegorsk, Apatity and Severomorsk. And two centres are focused on children, and the others accept adults. It is considered best of them Monchegorsk. It works at city polyclinic.   only this year there have passed inspection of more thousand townspeople.  

- We work with 9. 00 to 19. 00, in two changes. On one patient leaves half an hour. Record at us goes by phone, therefore turns are not present. Now people register for May, - Natalia Slepuhina managing this establishment has informed.

Free inspections have passed in Murmansk area already 5 thousand children and adults. 60 % of northerners have been recognised by healthy, and at the others signs of different diseases are found. However Ministry of Health puts an ambitious problem before the centres - to survey all healthy population of area. However, it is not clear yet, how it want to execute. By a recognition of physicians, in the centres there are no regular experts. They simply do not want to work for the small salary.

Besides, these establishments on a broader scale are not present in the south and the area north. Where   to go the interested person voluntary to be surveyed to inhabitants of Umby, Kandalaksha, Kovdora, Nickel or Polar? It turns out for hundreds kilometres and many hundreds roubles to Murmansk, Monchegorsk or Apatity. Heads from medicine are assured that people will go. Here only the quantity passed inspection - 5 thousand persons for some years - speaks for itself.


« Addresses; the health Centers »

In Murmansk: journey Northern, 4 (at the regional centre of regenerative medicine and rehabilitation), street Podgornaja, 56 (polyclinic 1 « Sevryba »), street Polar Dawns, 36 (at children`s polyclinic 1).

in Apatity: street Bredova, 18 (at city children`s polyclinic).

In Monchegorsk: avenue of Metallurgists, 35.

In Severomorsk: street Komsomol, 27; street Dushenova, 8/ 2 (a children`s office).