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Teachers of schools are waited by main recesses

About initiatives of the party leader « an United Russia » in an education sphere, about what to expect in the near future to schools and teachers, we talk to the secretary of political council of the Saratov regional branch of party « an United Russia » Valery Radaevym who this week participated in a meeting with the party leader, the head of the government of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin.

- Valery Vasilevich, the education subject interests many and is actively discussed by the public. What changes to us should be expected?

- it is not surprising that education always is in the attention centre. It is a special subject which concerns each of us at least because all of us when - that studied at schools. Therefore it is necessary to aspire to that in an education system arose as less as possible problems that all available questions operatively dared. In the Saratov region in an education sphere essential, positive changes are observed, and me pleases that it only the beginning.

- the Party gives particular attention to an education system. How as a whole you estimate current results?

- it has been made really much. For example, at the initiative of party since September, 1st, 2007 for the first time in the Saratov region the regional extra charge to a salary to educators is established. With support « an United Russia » at the initiative of deputies of fraction in a regional thought schools in Balashove, Engels and Petrovske have been repaired and re-equipped. In 2011 repair in general educational educational institutions Volska will be made. Stage by stage the salary of teachers grows. In territory of some schools where children at all did not have any possibility to go in for sports, are constructed FOKi. At the initiative of Vyacheslav Viktorovicha Volodina in region any more the first year is successfully held competition « the Best student`s class » training of directors of the Saratov schools abroad in which result teachers gain invaluable experience are organised and put it into practice.

- it is clear that work is done considerable but if there is a continuation in the form of the new federal project « Education » means, while results do not satisfy?

- I Can tell that those results which are reached, we basically and expected. But after all on reached it is impossible to stop, therefore before us new problems are put. Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin at session of the Government of the Russian Federation and a meeting with party leaders « an United Russia » on April, 4th has discussed a subject of upgrade of an education system. The primary goals which were sounded by Vladimir Putin: not to admit closing malokomplektnyh schools though their maintenance is enough zatratno; to lift salaries to teachers to salary middle tier in each concrete region; to raise financially - technical base of schools to modern level; to solve a problem napolnjaemosti schools and to raise prestige of a trade. Besides, our leader has offered « to create uniform educational space on all country with creation of the good large educational centres and branches, including, where it obosnovanno, and preservation malokomplektnyh schools ». Now within the limits of the federal project « Education » initiated by our leader, the party intends to solve these basic problems. Vladimir Vladimirovich has given the commission to the Ministry of Education and Science that it has begun work on preparation of this program. I consider that this project will be claimed.

- Valery Vasilevich, it would be desirable to learn how the project will be realised in the Saratov region.

- the Program « Education » should start in area by September, 1st. At us not so it is a lot of time, therefore it is necessary to solve in as much as possible shortest terms a question with malokomplektnymi schools. Them will not close. The educational institutions located in sparsely populated points, will make branches of larger schools. Thus educational services there will appear in full, as at usual school. A salary of teachers - a question which as is operatively necessary for solving. Payment of teachers should reach an average salary on economy in region. In the sphere of education we have discussed Vladimir Vladimirovicha Putin`s initiatives at session of presidium of regional political council. Also the decision to appoint the co-ordinator of the party project « was accepted; Education » the head of fraction « an United Russia » in the Saratov regional thought Marina Alyoshin.

- a leah It is known, how much it will be allocated means for education modernisation in the Saratov region?

- In the beginning of this week Marina Alyoshin took part in adjusting meeting on realisation of the project which passed in the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation. There it has been told that the total amount of financing of the project on 2011 - will make 2013 120 billion roubles: 20 billion - in 2011, 60 billion - in 2012 - m, 40 billion - in 2013. The Saratov region, according to preliminary data, can receive from the federal budget in 2011 more than 395 million roubles. But it not definitive figures, the sum will vary. I will notice that money will be allocated on conditions sofinansirovanija, therefore the regional government should think over possible sources now already.

- And how teachers concern system upgrade?

- Know, I now hold meetings with inhabitants of Saratov. Already met inhabitants of the Kirov, October, Factory, Volga areas. And on each of such meetings we discussed problems in an education sphere. Teachers did not hide that at schools the acute shortage in young teachers is observed. Young experts do not want to work at school from - for a low salary. At loading at 30 o`clock payment reaches an order of 13 thousand roubles. The youth for such money does not want to work. Therefore the situation should change. By successful working out and realisation of the program the salary of teachers since September will increase by 30 percent. For today we at legislative level consider Vyacheslav Volodina`s initiative about introduction 13 - j a salary for young experts - state employees and a preferential mortgage with the zero interest rate on payment of the credit for habitation acquisition. And I am assured that thanks to such complex approach we can involve young, talented, full enthusiasm of experts in schools.

- Certainly, it is good that salaries of teachers, but condition time in which they work will raise, leave much to be desired. How this problem will dare?

- Thanks to federal financing of expenses for major repairs and updating it is material - technical base of school will be equipped by the advanced equipment, will receive all necessary for educational process. One more important point in program realisation - the help will appear adresno, to concrete schools and at accurate control from party. For us the program « Education » became the project « an United Russia » also costs on party control. We have a regional co-ordinator, and in all areas local co-ordinators of the project in the area of party are defined. Now it is necessary to generate regional coordination council with participation of deputies, officials, representatives of the pedagogical public and trade unions. Before deputy fraction « an United Russia » In a regional thought it is necessary to spend a problem till June updating of the regional legislation and to accept changes in the area budget. I consider that at such competent approach at all of us it will turn out. « an United Russia » will put a maximum of efforts that initiatives of the party leader have been realised as soon as possible. Teachers should feel positive result of the project already on September, 1st. For them new academic year should become much better than the previous. And it now our primary goal.