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Housing estate “ the Orbit “ from LenSpetsSMU: mia maid of discounts in April

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you Reflected how building of space stations is conducted? At first into an orbit the first module - an element of the future space « is deduced; houses ». Then to it attach the second module - an inhabited compartment, then the third - scientific and so on... All of them without an exception are necessary for high-grade functioning of station and comfortable abiding of cosmonauts.

Similar occurs and on the earth. For example, choosing apartment, you pay attention not only to cost of square metre, but also on an infrastructure, area ecology, reliability of the building company and many other things. All is modules - elements of which there is a quality of your life on a new place.

Now LenSpetsSMU erects a housing estate « the Orbit » in non-polluting area of St.-Petersburg with the developed transport and social infrastructure.

« the Orbit » are the four many-storeyed inhabited cases calculated on two and a half thousand of apartments - from one-room to four-room.

sale of apartments in the new case has more recently begun. And only in April at real estate purchase in ZHK « the Orbit » special discounts - to 15 % operate!

building Area

the Housing estate « the Orbit » it is erected in Kalininsky area - on crossing of the prospectus of the Science and Gzhatsky street in the distance from the city industrial enterprises. An ecological situation around building one of the most favorable in a city.

In immediate proximity from cases « Orbits » there are the largest parks of Petersburg: « Sosnovka » « Benua`s Garden » « Piskarevsky » and « Μσπθνcκθι ». Nearby Kavgolovsky lakes and the mountain-skiing centre « Okhta - park ».

Technologies of comfort

the Housing estate « the Orbit » It is erected on technology kirpichno - monolithic building in which basis the principle of connection of a monolithic skeleton and brick walls lies.

Advantages of such technology consist in special durability of a design, durability of construction, possibility to build apartment with convenient lay-out.

External furnish of cases is executed with use of the hinged ventilated facades ideally adapted for difficult weather conditions of St.-Petersburg: in the winter they effectively keep heat in premises, protect from frosts and draughts, and maintain optimum temperature in the summer, interfering with penetration of hot air.

In all apartments of a housing estate single-chamber double-glazed windows with power saving up glasses and microairing valves are established.

In spite of the fact that in ZHK « the Orbit » The centralised heat supply is provided, owners of apartments can independently regulate its consumption thanks to special blocks of management.

Each entrance of a complex will be equipped by high-speed silent lifts, premises for konserzhej and video observation system.

Under housing estate cases convenient underground parkings on 850 places will take place, and in a court yard the covered parking place is provided, use which your visitors can.

the Infrastructure

Important worthiness of the project - the unique transport infrastructure, which all advantages will estimate both owners of cars, and users of city public transport.

the Basic transport highways around building - the Civil prospectus and the Science prospectus. And all in eight kilometres from a housing estate there is a convenient outcome with a ring highway.

Thanks to a favourable arrangement « Orbits » and the developed high system of Kalininsky area you without special work can reach both the centre of Petersburg, and to the nearest suburbs.

At your service developed network of city public transport - trolley buses, buses, trams and fixed-route taxis. Walk to the nearest metro station - « Academic » - will occupy from you no more than five minutes! Besides, in immediate proximity from « Orbits » it is located. – d. Station Streams.

Designers of LenSpetsSMU have taken care and of the decision of household questions. On socle and the complex ground floors shops, fitness - the centres, beauty salons and office premises will settle down. And for the smallest move-ins in a quarter building of two kindergartens is provided.

Special offers of April

Only in April on apartments in inhabited a complex « the Orbit » special discounts operate:

* the Discount of 15 % from the first payment

* At single payment a discount of 15 % from the apartment price.

Besides, in honour of 50 - letija from the date of Yury Gagarin`s flight in space the discount at a rate of one percent for clients operates, whose surnames coincide with surnames of the Soviet or Russian cosmonauts.

about payment schemes, discounts, and also the list of surnames of cosmonauts it is possible to find the Detail information on an official site of LenSpetsSMU www. lenspecsmu. ru.