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Festive table by Light EASTER!

in some days all orthodox will already celebrate a long-awaited feast of Easter. And it means that Velkiky fast, the most long and significant in the Christianity, lasting more than forty days, comes to an end. Its last days are considered as one of the most strict on abstention not only from meat, but also dairy and fish products. However it will be possible to try all right after razgovenija, in paschal resurrection. By tradition to meet Easter it is necessary behind a festive table. It is possibility not only solemnly to note event, but also to share pleasure with close people. This day in each house should be much not only Easter cakes and krashenye eggs, but also various dishes with which it would be possible to treat any person who will enter into the house. For this reason our hospitable ancestors always exposed set of the viands prepared specially by Easter, and treated with all of them coming. Today any modern festive table does not do without sausage cutting or dishes which structure includes this product. The company « Kamyshinsky Kolbasy Soloveva » suggests the consumers to decorate a table with sausage it is boiled - smoked « Moscow ». Really it is possible to name it celebratory. After all it from perfect pieces of beef with addition of the large fragrant pork salted pork fat prepares. Carefully   the picked up mix of spicy firm spices gives to a product   unique   taste and aroma. In “ Moscow “ to sausage on state standard limited enough circle of components. Basically it is beef, pork or the salted pork fat and various spices - a nutmeg, pepper. And any artificial additives. This stamp from the company « Kamyshinsky Sausages of Soloveva » time and again won the first places at specialised exhibitions - fairs. So in 2003 « Moscow » Has received a gold medal at an exhibition « the World of products » in Rostov - on Don, and in 2005 one more at an exhibition « animal industries Production » in Sochi.

the Company « Kamyshinsky Kolbasy Soloveva » suggests the consumers to decorate a table with sausage it is boiled - smoked « Moscow ».

- Great Easter - the most important Christian feast which with impatience all believers wait. Annually he responds in our hearts pleasure and hope. And despite any everyday difficulties and barriers, this event gives us belief and a true support, not only excites and gives forces on new affairs, but also pulls together people. It would be desirable to believe that this day becomes for all believers, their families and all relatives the beginning of new happy life, and those joyful feelings which will be notable on Easter, will be saved in their hearts as it is possible longer.

In a feast of light Christ`s Anastasis it would be desirable to wish all good, the world and prosperity. Let every day your house is filled with a cosiness, heat, happiness, well-being. Give each other attention,   care and love. I wish you execution of all your hopes,   good undertakings, the world, good and   love.

Yours faithfully, the general director of the company « Kamyshinsky Kolbasy Soloveva » Vladimir Solovev.

the Paschal pie with sausage « Moscow »

it is necessary: for the test: water - 150 ml, butter creamy - 150 g, a flour wheaten - 350 g, cheese “ Parmesan “ - 50 g,   salt - half ch/ spoons, 1 egg.

For νΰχθνκθ:αξλγΰπρκθι pepper - 200 g, sausage “ Moscow “ - 200 g, onions - 1 piece, butter vegetative - 50 ml, fennel, parsley, olive trees - on taste.
we PREPARE: 1. For the test it is cut peretsna 4 parts, we delete a core and sunflower seeds, we spread it on protiven. We water with vegetable oil and we put protiven in the oven which has been warmed up to 200 degrees on 8 - 10 minutes. Ready pepper is cleared of a peel. 2. We fry an onion and the sausage cut by small cubes. We add small rublennuju greens and it is removed from fire.

3. For a stuffing dovodimdo boilings of water of 150 ml and 150 g butters. We salt and is added 3 table spoons of grated cheese. As soon as the weight will begin to boil, accurately we pour a flour and is carefully mixed so that does not remain lumps. Dough should turn out elastic enough. 4. We divide it on two parts: one third it is left for an ornament, and two thirds it is spread by a thin layer in the form oiled. On a test bottom it is spread the baked pepper, then a stuffing from sausage. We add olive trees. 5. The remained dough it is unrolled, we cut strips in the thickness 2 - 3 mm and it is spread on a pie in the form of a cage. We grease a pie with the shaken up egg and we put in the oven which has been warmed up to 180 degrees, on 10 - 15 minutes. The pie is ready! Bon appetit!