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To regiment of Philanderers has arrived!

professional adversaries of new time – pikapery. A pickup (from English pick up –   to get acquainted) – in narrow sense acquaintance to the seducing purpose. To strike up acquaintance to the girl, to spend pleasant in every respect romantic evening, without having spent thus copecks for a passion – here overall objectives of knights of new time. Their principle – to receive all as soon as possible, having spent as less as possible.
Pikaper and the ladies` man – these are different things

the First pikapery (and rules, sorry, sema) have appeared in the USA still in 1970 - h. Young Americans imparted experience a seducing of girls for one night, in an ideal – within 24 hours after acquaintance. A bait ridiculous and impudent phrases ministered. For example, « You such hot that, looking at you, I become covered by sunburn ». During the same time in the press there was a first grant on a pickup – Eric Vebera`s best seller « How to get acquainted on a party, in transport and even in the street » heads from which reprinted popular man`s magazines.

in 1990 - h the pickup has appeared an empty ambry for realisation « the American dream » – attempts to earn first million dollars. Successful machoes have suddenly understood that on a seducing field it is possible to earn not bad, and have started to organise special seminars for losers, romantic losers, timid and timid young men on purpose to teach their acquaintance to girls. Some followers began to load diligently abstracts into the Internet, and a myth « about all-powerful pikaperah » has scattered on all planet.

from « a colleague » by name of the Ladies` man who operates at random, pikapery differ that always use the received technology and rules sema osoznanno.
Casanova`s Secrets can learn  

that in Bishkek there is a closed club of adherents of a pickup, it was known for a long time. But to my surprise there was no limit when on one of known the Internet - forums I have read the announcement of a set in pickup school. The founder and in combination the main teacher of training has in detail agreed to tell « about principles, methods and the purposes Bishkek serdtseedov.

– the Pickup – it not divorce on money and not a fetish. It is the tool, debugged that technician, as the man should communicate with the woman to be pleasant. The real master – he/she is the person who in perfection has seized this tool, – the beginnings my interlocutor, wished to remain the unknown person (for the clear reasons).  
– From the usual street stuck also inhabitants pikapera distinguishes not ordinary approach. Hackneyed phrases are not so actual. Them know all. Now pikaperu, that you not « otshili » It is necessary to dream, think out something unusual. Scientists have found out that are able to tempt effectively girls by nature only 5 % of men. There is only 1 way to reach it – many to work over itself, all time to develop, put in self-development, to invest in personal growth.

– what tools uses pikaper?
– external appearance and a voice is very important. Quiet intonation has to dialogue, as with the friend. Tone of conversation becomes that stimulus which calls a slackness status the partner. Unlike street impudent persons who strive to seize you by a hand, pikaper always observes a distance not to break personal space of the girl first minutes of conversation. But pikapery well know that at love the logic – it does not suffer shyness. Women reveal winners as always dream of the confident man.

the Seducing as process has initial readout and finishing point. If to describe all it in details it is possible to deduce the formula: a seducing – control – appeal – encouragement. Each of components bears on itself certain psychological loading: control – it is force and confidence from which pikaper supervises itself, a situation and the woman. Appeal – aroma, external appearance, playfulness, mystery, independence of attention of the woman. Encouragement – ability to be witty, spontaneous, affable, attentive, romantic.

– and how much at you in club of members?
– Now in ours « armies » more than 200 persons. But there are also independent players. It is difficult to tell, how much their all in Bishkek.

– what places for pikaperov are   most « fish »?
– the program of our courses includes visitation of specific parties which pass in various night clubs and cafe. We never advertise the presence. There our clients under steadfast attention of the senior companions pass from the theory to practice. Also acquaintances pass in the street. Skilled pikapery, as a rule, hang out also in the company or separately, so to say, combine   pleasant with the useful. Speaking to usual language, « hunting » passes there where atmosphere has to flirtation.

– you use special methods?
– In our business not to do without the knowledge of psychology. Pikapery – perfect investigators and interviewers. They competently use NLP (nejrolingvisticheskoe programming): something where - that repeat on some times, about something will hold back, then actively join and ask questions, seldom directly respond to them. More advanced apply « a principle 25 shots » – easy hypnosis.

– as it is known, pikapery do not spend money for the « a victim ». But unless it on - dzhentlmenski?
– usually girls pay off for the bill. Because present pikaper never will go against the major principle of philosophy saying: not in money happiness! However it is not necessary to understand pikaperstvo as the negative moment, it simply medal, at which two parties. We paint life of women in new colours.

it is competent

How to distinguish zhigolo

Men - pikapery constantly search new sensations. Skilfully to deceive – their nature. About methods as it is possible to distinguish the professional tenant, « Natalia Usova has told the psychologist.

– First of all, it is necessary to analyze acts accurately. Not to believe words, and to estimate the person on its affairs. At acquaintance to keep the young man at arm`s length 2 - 3 months. Let the path of the young man will lie through thorns to stars that it could estimate a fair sex arrangement. He should understand that object – not a baby`s dummy, and the clever and self-assured person. It is desirable to include erudition, logic and, the most important thing, – to listen to an internal voice – intuitions. If something seemed, it seemed to you, for certain, not simply so. Do not wave away from trifles! Listen to that as as the boyfriend speaks. Do not take all in all good faith. Do not hesitate to ask again and specify. To all provocations unshakably respond « is not present ». Hold the fort. At pikaperov, by the way, there is a key rule: if there is no mutual sympathy within 9 minutes the variant is considered hopeless!