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In Volgograd a cold season will prolong only for gardens and hospitals

the Middle of April - traditional time of disconnect of heating in city heating systems.

Date of stopping delivery of heat usually depends on air temperature in the street, but townspeople have already got used to that, as a rule, batteries become cold on April, 15th. It turns out - today. The spring on a court yard is, of course, felt, but nights on - former remain very cold. And basically the weather the next week cardinally will not improve. So, can, in apartments of inhabitants of Volgograd of the battery remain warm longer?

- Is not present, heating will disconnect today at once in all available housing of a city, - have confirmed « » in department to the information policy of administration of Volgograd . - Podtaplivat will be only educational and medical institutions. How long it will last, depends on weather conditions. The basic condition for heating disconnect is definitive - the daily average temperature should exceed 8 degrees of heat within five days. Will measure temperature of air housing and communal services committee.

But there is also a good news: in April in a city the traditional planned stop of water treatment facilities and water pump stations with stopping delivery to consumers of drinking and technical water will not be spent.

the Authorities have made decision to transfer terms of carrying out of preventive works on water objects on second half of May. Besides, water delivery on the eve of preparation for an orthodox feast of Easter will not be disconnected and during carrying out of the celebratory actions devoted on May, 1st and 9.

As a weather?

Till Wednesday in area it will be rainy and it is cold


And on Sunday weather forecasters promise a thunder-storm.

Atmospheric fronts, turning over the Central Russia and the Bottom Volga region, continue to keep dank weather, continually pouring over us a drizzle. Alas, under forecasts of weather forecasters, in the power of these cyclones we remain still almost week.

And it means, in region cloudy weather will be saved, and again will not do without deposits. The temperature mode will change a little: in the afternoon the thermometer column will not rise above +15, and at night and at all will roll down in a minus. The wind, by places with impulses to 10 metres per second is guaranteed also. Distressing news to summer residents: hardly you will manage to make the way on the sites and to start to prepare for season opening. The Earth will be still very wet. And to work in the rain not great pleasure. In general, the spring has, seemingly, lost the way on a way to the Volgograd region.

Friday, on April, 15th: +4 … +14, variable overcast.

Saturday, on April, 16th: +5 … +12, a rain.

Sunday, on April, 17th: +3 … +11, a rain, the thunder-storm is possible.

Monday, on April, 18th: +2 … +13, variable overcast, deposits.

Tuesday, on April, 19th: +3 … +9, variable overcast.

Wednesday, on April, 20th: - 1 … +10, clearly.

According to Gismeteo. ru.