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Dmitry MALIKOV: I do not give occasions to gossips and hearings

« the Father has imparted to me love to a platform »

- Dmitry, is admired by your intelligent creativity. Who your muse and a creative core in life? Whence it is so much inspiration?

- the Inspiration undertakes from life. The muse and a creative core is a life and those people which surround me. If the creator has to search for inspiration it a little that will make because it is charisma. I simply sit down every day the tool and I try to compose something. If not a song, the tool play, if not the tool play I play classical music. If not classical music I rehearse and I repeat that already played.

- That excites you in your creativity more: desire to be the son continuing the father (« That fathers have not finished singing, we will finish singing … ») Or your fatherly love to daughter Stefanii?

Tamara, Grodno.

- Yes I in my creativity am am excited a with not so much family subject, how much desire to leave any trace in the history of music, to become history as the good composer.

-   there Has come spring! Spring morning air has the especial smell, at me it why - that associates with the childhood, and still adjusts on a romantic harmony. And with what at you the smell of spring morning associates?


- With the sun, with a tasty breakfast, with dialogue with close people.

- Dmitry, what music sounds at you in a shower more often? Perhaps there is a favourite melody for a morning spirit or for the vesper?


- In a shower at me my music which I compose sounds. I have composed a new subject more recently when ran on a racetrack. And now I write music to a film, therefore it at me and sounds in a shower.

- As the glory of your father influenced formation you as actor? What for you parents mean?

Jura, 15 years.

- Parents for me mean much. They remarkable, I love them, I appreciate, I try to protect, not to fray to them nerves though it and not always turns out. And the glory of the father has, of course, affected me, therefore I have appeared at once on a scene, since the childhood I had such possibilities. I communicated with remarkable musicians who worked in its collective. With its help I have fallen in love with a variety song.

- As you consider, it is demand generates such stream of a light music with « original » texts or to us spread this pop-music - a something ephemeral? I want to underline, not the priest - music, namely a pop-music?


- Is not present, to us spread nothing. Simply people do not want to be loaded, want to have a good time and listen only to music which is simple and clear it.

- Dmitry, you the composer, the singer, the producer, the author of verses, even at cinema have acted in film. Than still you would like to be engaged?

- As much as possible to make in all these spheres.

« it is heavy to achieve pure reputation »

- you when - nibud thought of change of an image?


- Yes, and even tried it to make, but it has appeared that in this respect I am conservative.

- you do not give an occasion to gossips, about you will not hear mucks, will not read fables in a yellow press. It is heavy to achieve crystal-clear reputation now when a popularity criterion is the quantity of scandals, squabbles, squabbles?

- it is heavy to achieve pure reputation. Yes, I do not give occasions to gossips and hearings though, of course, something gets to the press. I simply always considered and I consider that the Lord has put us, musicians, notes to rearrange, instead of in gossips to be engaged. Certainly, it can add popularity, but it is all for a short while and not on - to the present.

- Many known people adopt children. And you could adopt the child?

is very responsible, difficult, important step. And I am not ready to respond to this question right now. But the charitable help to another`s children is an important part of my activity.

- In what, on - to yours, a secret of family happiness?


- In the indulgent relation to each other and, certainly, in love.

- That you would make, if for one day became the woman?

Evdokushina Alexander.

- would give birth to the child.

- the Formula of happiness of Dimy Malikova 20 years ago and the formula of happiness of Dmitry Malikova today. What has changed?


- Then was less brains and more than the emotional intuitive beginning. Now there is more than experience. It would be desirable, that with experience ward the spirit did not leave and were born on - former inspired melodies. And that the best song has not been sung. And that all were around live, healthy and happy.

- What tours were remembered to you most of all? Than?


- Cities so change often, and in everyone there is a charm. From last tours of Almaty were remembered - very warmly there accepted. And at present I am on Kamchatka, I enjoy ocean, kinds of volcanoes, hot wells. It is not known, when once again it is possible to visit here.

- If from your songs to combine a puzzle what picture would turn out as a result?


- the Positive picture. A little bit sad, a little bit sad, but beautiful.


On a concert of Malikova goes Nina Uretsky

the Singer admitted that the choice of the best question was most difficult gave to it, and he has decided that the invitation card for two on the concert will hand over to the reader who about concerts and has asked.

- Dima, you go often on another`s concerts? And at whom were last time?

- it is not so frequent, but I happen. Last concert which I have visited, is a concert of great jazz pianist Chika Koria. To it already 70 years, it one of the most influential and authoritative jazz musicians of the world. It was the tremendous concert.