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How correctly to insure a crop, not to appear at a loss?

past Thursday has passed « a direct line » concerning crediting selhoztovaro - manufacturers and crop insurance. Director TOGBU responded to questions tambovchan « ; Regional it is information - the advisory centre of agriculture » Konstantin Petrov.

- Hello. I the farmer from Uvarovsky area. I want to insure the crop. Prompt, please, with what to me to begin and where to be converted?

- In - the first, it is necessary to be defined, how you want to insure the crop: with state support or in a voluntary order. Then it is necessary to choose the insurance company. Behind consultation you can be converted into our centre - we free of charge give results of monitoring of the insurance companies. Our experts will help you to pick up conditions, optimum for you.

- Than conditions of insurance of a crop in a voluntary order and with state support differ?

- In a voluntary order the farmer can insure any part of the crop, and also discuss insurance conditions. If with state support the crop is insured completely on standard conditions, that is the list of insured events wider in this connection the insurance premium is twice more.

- In what state support to farmers consists?

- the State compensates 50 percent of expenses for insurance: 47,5 percent - from the federal budget, 2,5 percent - from local.

- Good afternoon! Tell, please, under what percent farmers can obtain the credit?

- the Credit krestjansko - to farms (KFH) stands out under 10 annual interest rates.

- Hello! It calls to you the farmer from Umetsky area, village Beryozovka. At me such problem. I KFH exists since 2005. Wanted to take on credit 250 thousand roubles. Demand as a deposit the earth. But I cannot give it. It is possible to take the credit on the physical person, but to me all the same do not give. I have already one delayed credit. Why to me do not give the credit?

- As to pledge, it is obligatory. If at you except the earth there is nothing to pawn, it is necessary still - to be financed a variant on the security of a crop. But the situation is complicated by that you already have a delayed credit, therefore, most likely, banks will disagree to give you one more.

- you are disturbed by a farm from Uvarovo. That it is more favourable to pawn at credit reception: a crop or technics?

- to the Technician it is more favourable - less insurance premium. If the crop the award increases in four - five times as a deposit undertakes. But on the other hand, if a crop in pledge you will secure yourselves against losses. Under bad weather conditions, adverse results you will lose nothing. And having put technics, can lose it...

- I live in Znamensky area. Following the results of last summer   many farmers have appeared at a loss. If banks gave out special credits for crop insurance, that is on the security of the future crop, we would pay such insurance. How to be to farmers?

- Banks give the credit on the security of a crop. In this case it is necessary to divide a crop on two parts. When the credit in the bank undertakes, one part of a crop is pawned. And already on the received means all is insured the rest.

- Hello! You disturb from Starojureva. Tell, please, what maximum terms of repayment of credits now exist? In what cases the bank can prolong term of payments under credits?

- For what term to give the credit, solves bank. Usually investment credit is given for the term from 5 till 7 years. Idle time - about one year. As a rule, decisions on prolongation of terms of repayment of credits are accepted at federal level and concern those cases when a damage at harvesting economy bolshej have incurred parts of territory of the country. For example, as it was in the summer of last year when all country has suffered from a drought. If something happens in one - two economy the bank hardly will go to you on concessions.

- Good afternoon! You disturb from Muchkapsky area. Tell, please, how much percent from a damage it is possible to return, if the crop has been insured? On what it is possible to count?

- Under the insurance it is possible to return about 100 percent from the established damage except for the franchise (a share of participation of the insurer in risk). It is all dares in each case individually.

- Good afternoon! Answer a question on insurance of areas under crops. At me of 100 hectares   winter wheat with average productivity 19 - 25 centners from hectare. What about the sum to me will need to be brought under the insurance and how much I can receive in case of crop loss?

- the Insurance will depend first of all on productivity on this site for last five years. If during this period the earth on a site was not cultivated, in calculation average productivity on area undertakes. At average indexes in your case you as an insurance premium should bring an order 35 - 40 thousand roubles. If on the site insured by you productivity falls to 13 centners from hectare you can receive under the insurance about 300 thousand roubles. At full loss of a crop can count on the sum of an order of 3 million roubles. However it rather and rather approximate calculations which only will help you to present an insurance overall picture. In each case it is necessary to count all individually.

- How much in the Tambov region the insurance companies?

- In our area of an order of 43 insurance companies. Not all are engaged in agricultural insurance. From those who is engaged, we recommend to co-operate with 4 - 5 companies.

- I the pensioner from Tambov. To me of 55 years. I want to be engaged in animal industries in countryside - to get 10 goals of a horned cattle. On these purposes I want to take the credit in bank. A leah will give me it? A leah is age restrictions?

- to you can give the credit on the security. As to the age, each case is considered individually. In your case the probability is. However the the person is more senior, the it is more difficult to obtain to it the credit.

- I heard that you periodically carry out monitoring of the insurance companies   the Tambov region. As well as where it is possible to familiarise with its results?

- In the near future the updated data will appear on our site www. tambov - apk. ru also will be accessible to all interested persons.

Behind more detail information and consultation it is possible to be converted in TOGBU « Regional it is information - the advisory centre of agriculture » to the address: Tambov, street Soviet, d. 130 or by phones: 8(4752) 71 - 85 - 56, 8(4752) 71 - 88 - 46.

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