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In Nevinnomyssk have detained the maniac who forced two years teenagers

In a turn of sensational cases about rapes for last year it became the fourth. We will remind that in the spring 2008 - go in village Aleksandrovsk have raped and have brutally killed 9 - the summer girl. In the end of summer in the regional centre have accused of corruption 3 - the summer daughter to the native father. And in the autumn business svetlogradskogo pedophile Ivan Panchenko, on which to the bill at least five victims has all over the country thundered.

Why business of the Nevinnomyssk maniac detained still half a year back, has become known only now, to guess simply - among victims small schoolboys. Boys at the age of 11 - 12 years, pupils of high school 3 became victims of the tyrant. By the way, one of the best in Nevinnomyssk, located in city centre, akkurat opposite to building GOVD.

Alexander Uljanchenko (the name and a surname accused are changed in the interests of the investigation. - a bus) Worked nearby as the loader. For the next victim it each time went to school. Chose boys basically from unsuccessful families. Teenagers pecked on free alcohol and cigarettes, and in kartishki had no objection to be thrown. Anybody from them did not guess that actually on mind at kind uncles.

- He has met me after lessons, has suggested to drink at his place, - related to a to the investigation then one of the suffered boys. - I have agreed. We have smoked, have drunk. Suddenly he has told: Present that you on a zone. You have adhered for genitals to the top plank beds. Also have told: either you have sex, or you jump and thus you lose a causal place. What would you choose? . I have responded that I will better die. Then it has tumbled down me on a sofa and has raped...