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Note irkutjanki Victorias to the husband: road, I have killed children. Forgive me and farewell

Terrible murder of two boys in microdistrict Solar poverglo in shock all Irkutsk. The tragedy has happened in the afternoon on January, 9th. Mother has drowned in a bath of native sons - 2 - the summer Novel and one-year-old Cyril. After 27 - summer Victoria has carried bodies in beds, has written to the husband a note and has left.

it had a postpatrimonial depression?

is there was a quiet, safe family, - neigbour Julia remembers (the name is changed. - a comment red.) . - Husband Nikolay worshipped the wife and sons.

Victoria and Nikolay together studied, have then got married. The girl has become pregnant, from work has left in the decree, has given birth also to all time spent with son Romoj. Problems have arisen, when Cyril has appeared in the spring of last year on light.

- At it depression has begun, - the divisional of October ROVD Zakios PANCHOJAN tells. - Doctors have registered to it soothing. Once hardly the misfortune has not happened. As Nikolay has told to me, within several days it did not accept a tablet, and has then drunk pills for the passed days. Overdose was, but the woman have rescued.
at neighbours and the inspectors running business, other opinion.

- it seems To me, it was suicide attempt, - Julia continues. - Victoria suffered affliction postpatrimonial depression.

Young mother have put on inspection in regional psychiatric hospital.

Nikolay all feasts worked

Nikolay again was going to send the wife on treatment.

- He asked me to sit with Cyril while the wife will be in hospital. The novel drove in a kindergarten, - Julia remembers. - but for any reasons for Nikolay to make it it was not possible.

Victoria one all feasts was at home with kids. Nikolay only have appointed to the post the head in firm. It vanished days on work. In the afternoon on January, 9th has called in home to have dinner. Anything strange has not noticed.

- And along toward evening has called frightened, - the neigbour tells. - to it the wife by phone has told that has drowned children. Nikolay has asked to listen that behind a wall is created. Walls thin, children`s bustle it is always audible. And here silence.

- In five minutes I will be! - Nikolay has shouted.

It has come tearing along with the friends. Apartment left pale

At a door Vicks have found a note. Equal podcherkom it is written I have killed children. Forgive me and farewell . Nikolay has crumpled a piece of paper.

- When have called militia, me and the neigbour have invited to be understood. Kids lay in beds. Rum - all in bruises. Probably, escaped, - hardly constraining tears, Julia speaks.

the Father does not come any more into the apartment

to Vick have caught this very day under Smolenshchinoj. Now it in a pre-trial detention centre. Have filed criminal charges under article Murder of two and more persons .

- Nikolay very much was proud of boys, - Julia continues. - it after all the orphan. Parents only at Vicks are. When they have learnt about tragedy, have arrived and have thrown out everything that though as - that reminded of children - toys, photos, diapers

After that nightmare the heart-broken father so never and has not come into apartment. Lives at friends.

Valentina SHIJKO managing a kindergarten 8:

Mother of boys we did not see

- Rum of the beginnings to us to go more recently, in the end of 2008. It was in the most younger group. He already well talked, quickly developed. Its mum we never saw, only the father. It is a pity kids.