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Let`s sit, pochmokaem!

1.       on handles
Take the child on hands so that his head lay on your elbow bend. Under an elbow put a pillow. Turn the kid to itself a tummy. His face should be up to standard of your nipple. A free hand support the child under a back.

2.       Lying on a bed

In this pose it is convenient to feed at night. Lay down opposite to the child the person to each other. Enclose krohe a hand or a small pillow under a head that it has reached a nipple.

3.       On a hip or in a baby sling (perevjazi)

Such position approaches for children from 3 months. Some mummies in such position feed children directly on the move.

4.       Under the arm

Such pose is chosen by women with the big chest. Put the child sideways from itself, that it looked out from - under mice, and the body embraced your side. Support a head of the kid a hand.