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CSKA has bought the child prodigy from Tolyatti

While clubs of Premieres - leagues in search of potential beginners plough far abroad open spaces, the Moscow CSKA the second year looks out talents in the second battalion successively. So, soldiers, having redeemed in last season at FK Tolyatti 17 - summer Alan Dzagoeva, have taken a safe step. In total for a year the talented halfback from very few people of the known football player has turned to the leader of CSKA and has grown to Russian national team level! On   to the same way the army club has gone and this year. CSKA has paid attention on 17 - summer halfback FK Tolyatti Alexander Stoljarenko was already concluded also with it by the contract. And Muscovites have laid out for young bestowal the record sum for this age - 480 000 dollars! Stoljarenko has drawn attention of selectors of CSKA completely not casually. The tehnichnyj halfback possessing put blow and perfect vision of a field, is considered one of the best Russian players. Stoljarenko - the leader of Russian national team of the age, also it is not excluded that to it Alan Dzagoeva`s soar is prepared.

- what it is impossible for the Sachet to refuse is in endurance, - head coach FK " has noticed; Tolyatti Igor Osinkin. - it has spent Last season in the second battalion, has grown up, has got stronger. And I think that in CSKA of Sasha still is for certain developed physical qualities. In the rest all depends on the football player.   the potential to get to the basic structure of army club, at Sashi is. Stoljarenko well owns both feet, can strike aim blow and give a thin pass



Was born on January, 18th in Omsk

Citizenship: Russia

Role: the central halfback

Growth: 185 centimetres

Weight: 75 kg

Achievements: the Owner of the Cup of Russia 2005, Champion Privolzhja of 2006 The winner of Superiority of Russia 2007