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On the sea!
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On the sea!

the Genre: a comedy

Manufacture: Russia, 2009

the Director: Yaroslav Chevazhevsky

In roles: Yaroslav Chevazhevsky, Alain Babenko, Inga Strelkova - Oboldina, Yury Kolokolnikov, Paul Derevjanko

Three married couples with children remove a cottage on seacoast to spend holiday on a beach. However circumstances do not allow them not that what to bathe, and even with half an eye to see the sea

the Theory of murders
the Photo: kinopoisk. ru
the Theory of murders

the Genre: a thriller

Manufacture: the USA, 2008

the Director: Chris Moore

In roles: Agnes Brukner, Patrick Fljuger, Teddi Dann, Ryanne Duzich, Terin Menning, Teo Rossi, Deniel Frenzisi, Steffi Wickens, Kevin Gejdzh, Edvin Hodzh

the Company of students gets to a trap of the maniac. Each of them has only one chance to survive: having killed all the others