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About the present Mariinsky patriot why - that do not tell

In last number we have written about sailor Denis Sychev from Kuzbas which was lost in Mediterranean sea during military doctrines. Houses remained with it the wife with the small child on hands. The guy was comprehended by a fate of the big brother which in youth too has choked at a fire. On our site many responses from our readers on this material have come. Here some of them.

- My sincere condolences. Fasten. Still to ours humane to the state to pinch off a slice for the aid to this family from any humanitarian the help any next palestino - osetino - to the Chechen fraternal people suffering humanitarian accident. Also would be absolutely shokoladno .


- Condolences to the family! It is a big tragedy for a family, but it is necessary to be strong and to live further! Let all at you will be good, and let pass you all hardship!


- My God as it is a pity the young man! The defender of a family and mother. To the child of the most, best health that could support the native and expensive women! People, we should rally and help at least to one small!!!


- Is a pity the guy and his family... Let the earth will be to it down! It is insulting also that about the wife Habensky, anything useful to the country and its security not made, tears pour already tens compassionate and about the present patriot almost nobody speaks...

the Communist

- the Most sincere of sympathy and the condolence to a family of the victim. Forces to you and courage to endure this horrible grief. Patience and wisdom to grow up the kid without the father.


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