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Tjumentsy go for a drive on mountain skiing in Tobolsk

So the mounting skiing resort located in the tideway of the river Suzgunka is called. It in five minutes of driving from the centre of Tobolsk. Also it is the nearest mounts from the regional centre with a special line and the lift.

Visited on a mounting skiing resort in Tobolsk tjumentsy say that it, certainly, not the Alpes and even not Ural hills. But to Ural Mountains per day to go - it is far, to Europe - to put it mildly, dorogovato, and to drive very much it would be desirable. Here also go to Tobolsk, while “ Voroninsky hills “ are closed on repair.

- After descent upwards on a line it is possible to rise and on foot, - the student and sportswoman Alina has told to us. - the main worthiness of this resort as it seems to me, the nature. Here hills and magnificent pines. Beautifully!

- it is valid, to us there come many admirers of mountain skiing from Tyumen, - Alexey Kozlov, the instructor of a mounting skiing resort " tells; Alemasovo “. - At all did not expect such flow of visitors. Basically tjumentsy come on the cars. Among them is both skilled sportsmen, and beginners. Quite often use the instructor. By experience I will tell that the person can be taught more or less well to go for a drive on mountain skiing for six hours.

Difference of heights on Alemasovoj a grief about 45 metres, extent of descent - 350 metres. The line begins with fast dispersal which love ekstremaly. However, it is possible to choose and flat descent - that who uncertainly costs on skis. A quite good line for snoubordistov. This year ekstremalam have prepared a gift - a springboard for long flights.

In “ Alemasovo “ the mountain-skiing section for local children from 10 - is opened 11 years. The Tobolsk ρνξσαξπδθρςξβ command is considered the best in area.

Plans on the further development Tobolsk “ the Alpes “ while are foggy - crisis. Though Vera Konstantinova, the director of a mounting skiing resort “ Alemasovo “ does not lose hope in this summer to start building of cottage small houses for tourists. The hostel where the Tyumen tourists could stay the night, on a resort while is not present. But is “ Alpine “ cafe where always it is possible to try mulled wine - the most popular drink among mountain skiers.

That how much

Hire of mountain-skiing equipment costs 200 roubles at an o`clock, since the second hour operates 50 - a percentage discount. The lift - 190 roubles at an o`clock.

Where still go for a drive tjumentsy on mountain skiing

- the Mountain-skiing centre “ the Metallurgist Magnitogorsk “. 718 km from Tyumen. Difference of heights - 450 metres, extent of a line - 2 km. Hire of equipment from - 250 to 350 roubles. The entrance ticket for days - 1000 - 1200 roubles, on an hour - 300 -   350 roubles.

- the Mountain-skiing centre “ the Mount Echinoid “. Area Kirovgrada of Sverdlovsk area. 400 km from Tyumen. Difference of heights - 300 metres. Equipment hire - 300 - 400 roubles at o`clock, 1 hour of driving - 280 roubles.