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Jokes in number

the Respect is when to greet the person, pull out both ear-phones. And if you switch off a player - that it already love.
* * *
- Jacob, and you at whom will live in Moscow?
- at the aunt.
- at what such aunt?
- Neprintsipialno.
* * *
On wedding of cynologists the drunk accordion player played two hours a Shar-Pei...
* * *
So it would be desirable to be kind and decent, especially when you understand that cartridges on all never will suffice.
* * *
- these photos are not pleasant to me... At me a kind, as at a monkey!
- to you followed think of it before being photographed...
* * *
If in five words it is made six errors, means, one superfluous.
* * *
Morning. The husband with boduna. The wife:
- Dear, I will not ask, where you were...
- you a miracle...
- I will not ask at all with whom you were...
- you gold...
- but one question at me nevertheless will be.
- you will always leave now money for an economy behind an elastic band of my cowards?!
* * *
About philanthropy.
Versace modelling house has sent for children`s home clothes for the sum of three million dollars.
this jacket the teacher 3 - j till now carries groups Natalia Sergeevna.
* * *
Even if during a celebratory supper you have appeared under a table, remember that you on - former are the citizen of the country and have the right to choose and be favourites in authorities!
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