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In apartment in the centre of Ekaterinburg the paint

Explosion has blown up has thundered in the house 134 on street Mum`s - the Siberian. The neighbours frightened of a loud clap have informed on state of emergency.

- the sound was such as if where - that in the distance from a gun shoot, - Natalia Ivanovna living at the next entrance has told to us. - at first like also was not frightened, and then: firemen, fast - just in case the house left, a leah is not enough, suddenly indeed gas has blown up.

gas as firemen have found out, here at anything. In apartment where there was an explosion, there was a repair, in one of rooms have accumulated ballonchiki with varnishes and paints - they - that and have jerked.

- why they have blown up - experts now find out, - has told a press - the secretary of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Sverdlovsk area Alexander Sorokaletovsky. - the Reason can be and in not extinguished stub, and in a lamp - ballonchiki stood directly under it.

At the moment of explosion the apartment stood empty - victims are not present. Except the reason of state of emergency experts now find out and more one question: a leah the premise for residing is suitable now. On one of versions - explosion though was small on force, could hurt overlappings. However, considering a fire area in one square metre, it is improbable.