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As korespondenty «» guessed on svjatochnoj to week

All know that since January, 6th (on the eve of Christmas) and till January, 18th (epiphany eve) in Russia it is accepted to guess. What only to learn about the future destiny have not thought up ways the young lady. Having read any guessings we have decided to test on itself one of them.

the Guessing on a candle

Its essence that to take a candle of white colour. to Set fire to it. To wait, while in it neobrazuetsja enough of the kindled wax. Then to pour out it in zaraneeprigotovlennuju a plate with water. On a water surface there will be drops of wax and will develop in drawings. And here figures also should be expounded under the form and associations which they call.

For realisation above conceived to correspondents it was required:
a candle wax - 1 piece
a plateau deep - 1 piece
thirsting to learn about the future - 1 young person.

so we have started process. Have poured in a cup of cold water. I took a candle in hands and have lighted it. While plavilsja wax to me ordered to think about itself that would like to learn the destiny in the come year.
Then accurately having inclined to drip in cold water.
a photo: Alexey FOKIN
When wax has melted, I have inclined a candle over a cup with water. Droplets of wax of drop in water and there and then stiffened. The wax droplets first scattered on all water surface have called me small confusion.

- be not stirred! - my colleague Julja has confidently told.

having inclined over a cup we began to peer into figures in which there were droplets fallen with a candle.
Now attentively we look at turned out figures, in which have got off the fallen droplets.
a photo: Alexey FOKIN
- Oh as interesting, - Julja has smiled. - I See cherepashku.
- And what it means? - I am surprised. - me that will present cherepashku?
- Is not present. - the colleague laughs. - Cherepashka - symbolises money. All is clear, in the come year you are waited by profit.
Cherepashka - a mammon symbol.
a photo: Alexey FOKIN
Having seen an event, other girls of our edition also were pulled to us more close.
- and to us you can tell fortunes? - They have asked.
- it is easy.

All process has repeated.
as a result all remained are happy. To one of them have foretold a dog (which to a word it for a long time the dream to get, but all could not gather in any way). Another wedding.
- look a droplet has stiffened in the form of heart, and directly under it as though two ringlets! - we ascertained the expert.

year only begins Chtozh we will live we will see, the guessing is how much truthful.

but it not all ways of a guessing which exist. Here some more examples:

Rozhdestvenskoegadanie on wax (candles)

to Take candle ends wax iliparafinovyh candles of white colour (celebratory colour candles for a guessing nepodhodjat), to combine in metal ware, to fuse on fire and at once vlitv capacity with cold water. The figure formed thus and budetpredskazyvat that future which expects the guessing person.


  • the House - shortly acquisition by a new economy; for the girl it is connected first of all with its marriage.
  • Shapeless ruins - misfortune in the near future.
  • the Hole, a small cave or a grotto - the most undesirable figure as it symbolises a place of burial and predicts a serious illness or near death.
  • Trees - them can be expounded on - to a miscellaneous: the branches of a tree directed upwards promise the fast pleasure, hung - grief, melancholy and boredom.
  • the Ring or a candle unequivocally predict fast wedding.
  • the Pancake which has settled on a bottom, to the contrary, promises long girlhood.

A guessing on a shade

to Take newspaper sheet ihoroshenko it to crumple (but not skatyvat in a dense sphere!) . To put crumpled bumaguna a plate and to set fire. When the paper completely will burn through, to put nearby starelkoj a candle and to look at a shade which the burnt down newspaper rejects nastenu. Value of the arisen figures to similarly expounding of wax figures.

the Guessing on hair

At midnight to pour in miskuvodu and to add in it ashes pinch, a pinch of sugar and a salt pinch. Vodutshchatelno to mix, and when it will calm down to throw in it two hair: one - and another - darling. A bowl to leave till the morning.
if next morning hair have intertwined among themselves, wedding not far off. If zhevolosy are on some distance from each other, means, it is close chasrazluki.
the Sunk hair predicts a serious illness, and is possible, and the death of that, komuon belongs.

the Christmas guessing pokoltsu

to Take an ordinary glass sgladkimi walls (without drawing and polishing), to pour in it water on 3/ 4 volumes iostorozhno to lower on the middle of a bottom a wedding ring, predvaritelnopochishchennoe. Steadfastly peering into the centre of a ring, it is possible uvidetsuzhenogo. Only that it to make out, look in a ring it is necessary long enough.

the Guessing on a nutshell

To pour in a water basin. On krajamtaza to attach paper strips on which events are written, for example wedding, a trip, reception of the money, new work and etc. (if the guessing person one), or imenavseh present, wishing to learn the future. In the second case sobytiezagadyvaetsja one, in particular wedding, engagement, acquaintance to the future suprugomi etc.
to Take a half of a shell of a walnut and to fix in it a candle end church iliimeninnoj candles. A candle to light and push a ship to the basin middle. Ottudaskorlupa should swim up itself to one of notes. But thought will come true tolkov that case, if a paper at contact with a ship will light up from plamenisvechi.

the Christmas guessing poknige

In olden time in kachestveprorocheskoj books used the Psalter - the liturgucal book, soderzhashchujubiblejskuju the book of psalms. Now behind absence in the house Psalters it is possible to take tomikljubimogo the writer - Pushkin, Lermontov, Shakespeare or any another.
to learn the answer to an interesting question, it is necessary myslennosformulirovat it, to think of row number from below or from above and at random otkrytknigu. The answer includes not only the thought line, and all smyslovojotryvok into which this line enters.
if the answer found in the book does not give in to logic expounding gadaniesleduet to repeat.

the Guessing addressed to the promised

This extended ipopuljarnoe to the present day the guessing for certain is known to all.
at midnight to leave the house and the first met man to ask, as egozovut. This name also will be a name of the promised.