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The inhabitant of Volgograd was hung up from - for unfortunate love on New Year`s Eve

  New 2009 - j year Svetlana Zaharova and Timur Sakiev have met together. Have drunk champagne, even have a little danced. At two o`clock the girl has called a taxi and has left to congratulate the girlfriend. Conscience has at last pricked: I throw its one in a feast but Light has waved away: itself it is guilty!

Half a year back twenty five years` Svetlana Zaharova has definitively decided that with the civil husband cannot live more. Their relations proceeded more than seven years, but recently to the girl became absolutely unbearable. The civil husband drank more and more. In the end of 2008 - go Svetlana has collected things and has left. With itself has taken   luggage: a small bag and a four-flight daughter. But Timur did not lag behind. Asked to return, promised to stop to drink. In the end, has started blackmail.

- Hands on myself I will impose, if you will not come back! - the thrown man has given out in a fever.

After much persuasion, Svetlana promised to arrive to Timur for New year.

- But for a short while, - she has warned, - the girlfriend waits for me.

Svetlana has not had time to stop the civil husband.
a photo: Gennady BISENOV

- About five mornings Timur has called in the house to the girlfriend and has asked, a leah I will return to it after a party, - tells Light. - I have told that was not present. Then Timur has promised that will commit suicide.

  Once again the man   has dialled beloved number   in an hour. Has silently and easy asked as   Svetlana walks and then has slowly said goodbye.

- I have understood that he has dared. Began to call a taxi but while the car has arrived while has run in in the house, was already late. It already hung, -   tells Light. - till now I can not believe.

Hardly having kept silent, Svetlana continues.

Timur has told once to Svetlana that it will not have time to rescue.
a photo: Gennady BISENOV

- to It this thought has come to a head is not casual. In the spring then we still lived together, I have not committed suicide nearly. From all this home life this world is not become lovely. Me had time to pump out. But Timur remembered that case often. After the next quarrel it has threatened, if I is not with it it too will swallow tablets, but we any more will not rescue it.   It turns out that   has fulfilled the promise.

-   We have inspected, but here it is obvious that Sakiev has committed suicide. It   at first it tried to be hung up on a thong from a bag, - Anton KURMANGALIEV, the inspector of investigatory department of Traktorozavodsky area of SOU SK at Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation tells . - But the belt has not sustained weight of the man and has broken. Then it cut off a wire from a teapot and has repeated attempt.