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What privileges have large families on Kuban?

today to questions of our readers responds   a deputy head of department of social protection of the population of Krasnodar territory of Valentine Kuznetsova.

Hello, my name is Irina. Explain, please, what families are considered having many children?

In Krasnodar territory a large family that in which three are nurtured is considered and more children are elderly till 18 years. A leah

Prompt, please, the certificate of mother having many children for reception of monetary payments relying to it is necessary?


Is not present, such necessity is not present. The basis for granting of annual monetary payment the inquiry on structure of a family and the birth certificate of children ministers.

Where it is possible to be converted to large families behind annual monetary payment?

Olga Mihajlovna

Be converted into management of social protection of the population in a residence of your family.

And what documents are necessary for reception of annual monetary payment?

mother Having many children or the father should be converted into bodies of social protection of the population with the statement, the passport, the birth certificate of children and the inquiry from a residence about family structure.

Hello. I the father of a large family, and at us with the wife am the stable decent income. A leah depends the right of a large family to reception of annual monetary payment on its income?

Victor Vasilevich

Is not present, does not depend. You have the right to payment, as well as all other parents having many children.

And a leah I can, the father to receive annual monetary payment?

Yes if in a family are nurtured not less than three minor children behind payment have the right to be converted either the father, or mother of children.

Explain, please, what term of purpose of annual monetary payment?


Payment stops on reaching the senior from three children of 18 years. In this case the family loses the status having many children, and annual monetary payment stops not only on the senior, but also on two younger children. A leah

Is subject annual monetary payment to indexation large families?


the Size of monetary payment is annually indexed   taking into account inflation.

In 2008 the size of payment on each child made 1660 roubles. Since 2009 the size of annual payment is increased to 1815 roubles.

What privileges on payment of utilities large families use?


If payment by a large family of habitation and utilities within regional standards exceeds 15 % of the cumulative income of a family this sum is compensated by a grant which is appointed management of social protection of the population in a residence.