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You do not pay the alimony - go to army

32 - the summer inhabitant of Budyonnovsk Alexander Hizhnjakov - the first unemployed to Stavropol Territory, directed to army to earn money for payment of the alimony. To two children - 8 - the summer daughter and 2 - to the summer son, it has run into debt more 100 thousand roubles. Behind shoulders - two divorces and work loss. Both former spouses have brought an action against the alimony.

- In April and May, 2008 to us on execution injunctions about collecting of the alimony from Alexander Hizhnjakova as voluntary it has ceased to pay them have arrived, - the chief of Budennovsky regional department of Management of Federal Agency of court enforcement officers across Stavropol Territory Dmitry KULAEV has told. - for December, 1st on one of executive manufactures the amount of debt of Hizhnjakova has already exceeded 37 thousand rbl., on another - 70 thousand We warned him about a criminal liability for malicious evasion from payment of means for the maintenance of children twice.

the Defaulter Alexander became in the beginning of 2008 when has lost work of the security guard at factory. Another could not find, was interrupted by casual earnings.

- He all time searched for work, - Alexander Polina Ivanovna`s mum speaks, - but as soon as will tell that it is necessary to pay the alimony, to it at once from gate turn, salaries in a city generally the grey.

In due time when at it the first child was born, he has thrown study on 4 - m a course of legal institute to go to work. Has told: it is necessary to feed a family, instead of to study. And now without education to be arranged difficultly.

the Direction in a placement service of results has not given. And then court enforcement officers were converted into a military registration and enlistment office of Budyonnovsk. Considering that when - that Alexander already ministered in the Chechen Republic, at first have offered the contract there - in the Chechen Republic pay more so, and with debts can faster pay off. But Alexander has decided to choose service more easy - the driver in separate 205 - j to a motor-shooting Cossack brigade that is based in Budyonnovsk.

the Beginning of new year at Alexander was marked by pleasant efforts - it is necessary to issue all inquiries to pass medical board, and by January, 15th to start new duties.

Alexander plans to spend on military service at least three years. The monetary contentment of the driver - the contract employee makes about 9 thousand roubles. Has calculated that half of salary will leave on the alimony and more a part - on repayment of the debts which have collected under the alimony.

- While it is the first case to Stavropol Territory when under the petition of service of court enforcement officers to debtors offer service under the contract, -   has explained the head a press - services UFSSP of Russia across Stavropol Territory Galina KOZACHEK. - we direct usually jobless debtors to a placement service. Last year thus it was possible to employ more than 250 persons. In November it has turned out to agree with a military commissariat of Budyonnovsk.

it is quite possible, Alexander`s destiny will be repeated by some more hundreds malicious defaulters of the alimony of edge. As the main court enforcement officer of Stavropol Territory Dmitry Tkachenko has told to the correspondent, in the nearest future it will discuss this question with voenkomom edges.