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At the fan the Metallurgist during a match heart

Magnitogorsk fans has refused exulted, when the Metallurgist has scored the third goal in gate of the Ufa command. 33 - summer Alexey Belov rejoiced together with all - embraced friends - fans and loudly shouted: the Metallurgist - the champion! .

- And then to it it became bad, it has seized for a chest and a donkey on a floor, - Alexey Evgenie Krechin`s friend tells, - I have deduced it in foyer of an ice palace, have called physicians. When a series bullitov has begun.

Doctors have rendered to Alexey first aid: have made a prick after which he felt better. However in some minutes Belov has fainted. On the way to hospital the fan the Metallurgist has died from an extensive heart attack.

the Tragedy has shaken fans the Metallurgist . On Alexey`s funeral has come about five hundred persons. Including sportsmen from HK The metallurgist . Belov was the real fan. Throughout last five years it has not passed any house game the Metallurgist . If it turned out, supported the favorite team and on away matches.

to Support Alexey`s our hockey players the father has taught. Since the childhood said to the son that as air support of fans is necessary for sportsmen.

Alexey Belova`s Relatives say that it did not have any serious diagnoses. On the account at cardiologist Belov did not consist. However wife Olga admits that recently the husband complained often of a chest pain.

- I asked Leshu to be terpimee, to protect emotions. As felt that it good will not come to an end, - Alexey Natalia Viktorovna Belova`s mum cries, - it was the best son on light and always cared of us with the father.

Alexey`s Friends cannot believe that it is not present near to them more. Also calm itself only in that heart of the friend has stopped for pleasure for the native command.


Signs of a preceding infarction status

Vladimir Karonot, the cardiologist:

- Usually pains at a heart attack happen behind a breast. But can give and to the bottom jaw, and in a hand. If you have felt weakness, at you cold sweat has acted, there is no air, it is necessary to call urgently Fast . Before arrival of the doctor it is necessary to give to the patient a nitroglycerine or validol tablet.

it is necessary to prick up the ears everything if pains in the field of a chest became more often, arise after loading, long walking. If nitroglycerine has ceased to help... All is symptoms of the future heart attack.

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