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New year has dropped the prices in Kemerovo?

we come into one of known Kemerovo shopping centres. The first that is evident - products have not risen in price. But also have not fallen in price. Unless some New Year`s delicacies: caviar with tangerines. But them now though on three roubles distribute - all the same will lie lonely. This vkusnjatiny we have already gorged on

- Well, of course, that the price for products has not grown, - customer Lyudmila Aleksandrova has shared with us, - but, to tell the truth, and to buy after feasts salty fish in banks - all last year`s, not so fresh nothing Sausages, to a smoked product. Probably, new delivery was not. And as will bring - and the price can jump up

Till now sell fur-trees

Surprisingly another. Racks, as well as in December, dazzle with New Year`s ornaments. On - former shaggy artificial fur-trees, Fathers Frost brilliant figures and the Snow Maidens are on sale. I look at the price list - even the prices are not lowered. The fur-tree both cost 4500, and costs. Carnival wigs from a rain have fallen in price only: on the price list figure 140 of roubles is crossed out and is written 69.

Inscriptions the Discount and Sale decorate also show-windows of many jewelry. But for sellers of bracelets and rings now all the same calm:

- There was a boom before New year, now strong recession, - the adviser Tatyana speaks, - we will wait 8 Martha now

Cheap krossovki

But as it was found out, now it is a high time to buy the sports goods. In many large shops huge discounts, and people actively use it. As January - the heat of winter entertainments. To whom a reluctance to buy mountain-skiing boots at a discount 50 %? Suits for skiers, caps, boots, including summer krossovki known stamps are much more cheaply sold also (instead of 4500 roubles it is possible to take excellent pair for 2200) And bathing suits are sold - is sufficed and is amicable in pool!

That to home appliances - here discounts only on certain categories of the goods. In one shop - on washing machines, in other - on cameras

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