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For feasts townspeople have spent almost all salary

- All New Year`s vacation we slept also fur-trees! - the majority interrogated by us working admits (and that is important, received to New year of the salary) inhabitants of Penza.

But even taking into account a minimum of entertainments after feasts many with displeasure notice that like both spent it is a little, and did not go anywhere, and money is not present! At the analysis of expenses it is found out that means, despite all diligence to save, it is banal proedeny, are spent on drink and shirked.

We have tried to count up, how much money and on what the average Penza family from four persons (at incomes on the end of the year, it agree given Penzastata, in 10 217 roubles) has spent. It is clear that figures are rather conditional.
considering that the great bulk of products has been bought in last dates of the December, almost all vacation penzentsy ate at the old prices. Another matter that the structure of products was not such, as in usual days. Instead of soups and porridges inhabitants navorachivali salads, pies and delicacies. More than usually, it has been eaten meat and it is drunk alcohol.

the New Year`s table has managed to the Penza family from four persons with average incomes approximately in 2 000 roubles. Townspeople have spent for a Christmas table within 1200.

the Fair share of family budgets У have eaten У visitors: the table on the occasion of their reception managed around thousand roubles. To visit, by the way, much more cheaply, than to receive them. For one visitation (a pie, wine and a small gift) it was possible to keep within and 500 roubles.

townspeople were spent For every possible entertainments on - to a miscellaneous. Someone simply slept and watched TV, someone went to the cinema also restaurants (the supper at restaurant, on the statistican, there are 882 roubles from the person, the ticket at cinema - 150 roubles).

But on a municipal transportation our fellow countrymen have fairly saved. To go for work it was not necessary, besides, by a recognition of many, to leave the house even on walk it was simple laziness.

On what money in New Year`s каникулы* has left:

Meat, 5 kg - 1000 rbl.
Fish, 3 kg - 500 rbl.
Delicacies (pineapples, caviar, syrokopchenaja sausage and so forth) 5 kinds - 1000 rbl.
Salads (on 3 kinds on New Year`s and Christmas tables plus one reception of visitors) - 1100 rbl.
Alcohol - 1500 rbl.
Oranges, 3 kg - 150 rbl.
Tangerines, 3 kg - 170 rbl.
Bananas, 3 kg - 120 rbl.
Pies - 300 rbl.
Sweets, 2 kg - 300 rbl.
Gifts - 1000 - 1500 rbl.
Entertainments (campaigns at cinema, restaurants and etc.) - 1500 rbl.

* At calculation undertook the average prices for products and services.

Expenses of the Penza family with the average income for the first 10 days of January have made the RESULT about 10 000 roubles, or 80 % from the average salary. By data for November, 2008, it has made 12400 roubles.