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Leshchenko does not pay the salary kolchuginskim in the worker?

not the secret - in Kolchuginsky area of our area works the furniture factory, one of which co-owners is known singer Lev Leshchenko. Before the Newest a city in yellow to a press there were notes about that, at this factory here three months workers do not receive a salary. The pier, crisis has struck even on the master of the Soviet platform to the Lion of Leshchenko and its enterprise.

after occurrence of that note factory phones were literally heated. As have explained to us on the Kolchuginsky furniture, about any nonpayments speech cannot even go.

From everything that has appeared in newspapers, truth only one - the salary for December for technical reasons had not time to pay yet, as well as in many organisations, - have told to us in secretary of Kolchuginsky factory. - it will pay in the nearest future. About any three-monthly delays there is no speech and consequently such hearings whence undertook, to us it is not clear. Moreover, our enterprise works on the state order, the factory the worker - and hearings is hearings.