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Englishmen have demanded to renew statement the Idiot in Big Drama Theatre

Gold years of theatre had for those times when over troupe George Aleksandrovich Tovstonogov supervised. It was not only the absolute master of the theatre, but also the founder rare, only to one it of inherent style of statements. Political installations, persons in a management of Moscow and Leningrad changed. Party bosses tried to tame and to nurture the main director. But it was not bent, has stood.

All began with Siberia

how in a city of three revolutions there was George Tovstonogov, we have asked to tell known Petersburg specialist in drama study Evgenie Aba.

- For this purpose it is necessary to return years on 60 back, - has begun the story Evgenie Solomonovich. - the theatrical season 1948/ came to an end 49 years. At the Leningrad theatre of Lenin Komsomol there was an important event - the premiere of performance " has taken place; Where - that in Siberia . On the poster the name of the new main director of theatre of the honoured worker of arts of the Georgian Soviet Socialist Republic of George Tovstonogova appeared. However, the rank did not confuse the present theatre-goers. Tovstonogov has arrived to Leningrad not from Tbilisi where it began the creative activity, and from Moscow. During post-war time it put performances at various capital theatres. Its statements at the Moscow Central children`s theatre used especial success. There - that also there has passed obkatku the play Where - that in Siberia . In Northern capital performance have put more on a substantial scale. The new director in Leningrad have accepted.

Nastasja Filippovna and prince Myshkin (Olhina and Smoktunovsky)

In December 49 - go the country was going to celebrate 70 - summer anniversary Stalin. The premiere of the play of Shalvy Dadiani has been prepared for this date at theatre From a spark... in which it was told about revolutionary events in Transcaucasia. A leading role the father of all people Evgenie Lebedev played. Tovstonogov and Lebedev were familiar since the Tbilisi period of their creativity. In Moscow their ways were again crossed. And having moved to Leningrad, George Aleksandrovich has invited Lebedev in a city on Neva. By the way, soon after that they have become related. Evgenie Alekseevich married sister Tovstonogova Natele Aleksandrovne. Later, in 56 - m to year when in Big Drama Theatre will actively search new hudruka and will find it in person Tovstonogova, the director will take away Lebedev in theatre new to it. And already soon the spectator will go there specially on Lebedev, as later - on Kopeljana, Lavrova, Strzhelchika, Smoktunovsky and many other actors who have become by stars of a theatrical scene at Tovstonogove.

Time of changes

Since first day at theatre Tovstonogov has proved as rather rigid head. He declared the program of actions, and not consent - hardly probable not two thirds of troupe - has asked with things on an exit. Remained have rolled up sleeves. Very soon theatre which was one of many in a city, became the most popular not only in Leningrad, but also in the USSR. To get the ticket for its performances, the people occupied turn since late night.

- Ward Tovstonogova to theatre on Fontanka has coincided with the general atmosphere of updating in the USSR, - has continued the story Evgenie Ab. - Just in 1956 - the m in Moscow has opened theatre the Contemporary led by Oleg Efremovym. In two capitals have passed Pablo Picasso`s art exhibitions, in our city with tremendous success the Boston symphonic orchestra went on tour, at last, in the autumn 1956 - go in Leningrad there has passed the first week of Italian of cinema. At cinemas since morning till the night twisted films which have turned consciousness of the Soviet person. However, some experts sentenced: Talently, you will tell nothing. But it not our art. Continuous pessimism, dostoevshchina any . The mention of the great writer those years was not an empty phrase. Till 1956 it was at us in the country semiforbidden . Before its early products were published, and only in 1956 - m has been declared that the Soviet people can get 10 - tomnik Dostoevsky in whom have been included a little published to this time Brothers of Karamazovy and Evil spirits .

Nastasja Filippovna - Olhina; Rogozhin - Lebedev; prince Myshkin - Smoktunovsky

the Best prince Myshkin - Smoktunovsky

It is no wonder that very soon Feodor Mihajlovich became the most demanded author. There was even a craze: almost at each theatre put the Idiot . And in 1958 on screens there was Ivan Pyreva`s film by the first part of this product. Leading roles executed Julia Borisova and Yury Jakovlev. However, continuations has not followed - all the failure was obvious. And all because all Idiots has eclipsed performance of Tovstonogova in Big Drama Theatre in which the leading role was played by Innokenty Smoktunovsky. The little-known actor till that time became at first a substitute leningradtsev, and then and all country. On it offers fell down to act in film. So Smoktunovsky has excellent played a leading role in lenfilmovskoj screen versions of a military drama of Victor Nekrasov In entrenchments of Stalingrada . The truthful picture about horrors of war was called Soldiers . But suspicious from the point of view of censorship, the film left to the spectator with a delay for the whole year.

Rogozhina could play only Lebedev

the Little-known fact: the Idiot on Big Drama Theatre scene it was put twice.

- the First edition of performance has appeared in 1957, - Evgenie Ab tells. - Statement with the big success went some seasons, and then has silently quitted the stage. Time of the first tours of Big Drama Theatre in the West has meanwhile come. In 1966 - m troupe waited in Great Britain. But Englishmen have laid down one indispensable condition: in repertoire necessarily should was be the Idiot with Smoktunovsky in a leading role.

And performance - that did not go any more at theatre. Innokenty Mihajlovich has left by then Big Drama Theatre. It was necessary to a theatre management to agree urgently with the actor and to renew statement. In essence, it was new edition of the play. Almost all executors of roles, except for Myshkin and Rogozhina have exchanged. The first Smoktunovsky played, the second - Lebedev. Vladislav Strzhelchik who in the first statement played young Ganju Ivolgina, became general Epanchinym, Nina Olhinu in a role of Nastasi Filippovny was replaced with Tatyana Doronin. Thus new performance went with not smaller success, than old. Both at us in the country, and in England. But when tours have ended, Smoktunovsky has again steeped in a cinema. And the second edition the Idiot has finished the short scenic life.

George Aleksandrovich Tovstonogov

the FILE

George Aleksandrovich Tovstonogov , the theatrical director, the national actor of the USSR, the Hero of Socialist Work, the winner of the Lenin award (for performance Optimistic tragedy ) .

Was born on September, 15th (28), 1915 in Tbilisi. In 1938 has finished GITIS. Worked as the director at Tbilisi Russian theatre of Griboedov, the Moscow Central children`s theatre, the main director of the Leningrad theatre of Lenin Komsomol. With 1956 for 1989 - the main director of Big Drama Theatre.

the Most well-known statements: the Idiot Barbarians Petty bourgeoises Hanuma the Newly ploughed virgin soil Optimistic tragedy .

has suddenly died on May, 23rd, 1989 at the wheel the car when came back after rehearsal home.

Aglaja - Talanova; Lebedev - Ivanov; Totsky - Karnovich - Valois

Epanchin - Safronov; Epanchina - Kaziko; Ivolgin - Larikov; Ganja Ivolgin - Strzhelchik; Aglaja - Kondratyev; Ferdyshchenko - Maxims