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Football guest workers drive from Russia

Opened European transfer window has begun outflow from Russia legionaries of middle tier. Clubs domestic the Prime minister - leagues have begun to get rid of those who got not corresponding to the contribution to common cause wages amicably. The first have stepped into this path situated near Moscow Khimki terminated the contract with Nastej a Czech receiving very heavy money on crisis times. The Czech intends to go to play Greece.
CSKA has rented in Belgian Lokeren Polish attacking Janchika. And zenith leaves at once two foreigners: Frenchman Pjujgrene leaves in Bolton and Korean Li Ho - home. a dynamo has exposed for gate of Portugueses of Kushtodiu and Siseru, the Locomotive - Byelorussian Gurenko. And it only the process beginning, ahead still sale Capital Spartaka . The limit of foreigners toughened in an approaching season in Russian the Prime minister - league will not allow to our clubs to relax and henceforth, after all now in the field there can be simultaneously only six players who do not have the Russian citizenship.
Club Have come Have left
the Ruby P.Bystrov ( Moscow ) -
CSKA Netsid ( Slavija ), Mussa Maazu ( Lokeren ), Janchik ( Lokeren )
the Dynamo Terekhov ( the Dynamo Bryansk), Jusupov ( Tolyatti ) Semshov ( Zenith ), Kushtodiu ( Vitoria Gimaraesh ), Siseru
Amkar Junuzovich ( Rudar ) Dujmovich ( the Locomotive ), Scherbaks ( Anzhi )
Zenith Semshov ( the Dynamo ) Maxims ( Khimki ), Pjujgrene ( Bolton ), Li Ho
Kr. Advice Ignatyev ( KAMAZ ) -
the Locomotive Dujmovich ( Amkar ) Gurenko ( the Dynamo Minsk), Maminov (has finished career)
Spartak M Karioka ( Gremio ) Bojarintsev ( SHinnik ) -
Moscow - Gubnik ( Sparta ), Peter Bystrov ( the Ruby )
Terek Dikan ( Tavrija ), D.A.Smirnov ( the Beam - Energy ) Kuzmichev ( Saturn )
Saturn Kuzmichev ( Terek ) -
Spartak Nch Trailer ( MTZ - RIPO ) -
Tom` Poles -
Khimki Maxims ( Zenith ), Samsonov ( Zenith ) Rebezha (has finished career)
Rostov Mazalov (SKA) -
Kuban - Philemons