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Career of the balalaika player at Mihalka has not developed

the Producer “ Ljapisov “ Evgenie Kolmykov remembers that in the first years when concerts was a little, Mihalok was in group the main getter. On a bet and for money he swallowed in the street of a wedding ring. But it has ended is banal: once “ on an exit “ Sergey and not “ namyl “ the swallowed.

Here three years Sergey does not take alcohol. And there was time when the actor suffered affliction on “ paduchuju “: in the winter, is closer to the party end, liked to run up and jump during snow. Necessarily head downwards. And as - that in the street Red in Minsk, on the way to a night lamp, Mihalok has repeated a trick. Has risen, and a coat all red. In a pocket the ketchup bottle lay …

Vitaly Drozdov who began together with Mihalkom in group “ Ljapis Trubetsky “ remembers, how the song has got to group repertoire “ the Green-eyed taxi “ Which was very popular performed by Michael Seigniorial. On one of concerts the tipsy spectators whether for fun, whether seriously asked “ Ljapisov “ to execute this hit. Mihalok knew only a refrain. And when musicians have played, Sergey between refrains has started something to improvise. And all it very much “ has come “. Experiment repeated since then at all concerts. And each time Mihalka had new versions: that two fishermen go from fishing drunk and buy fish in a supermarket “ Serebrjanka “ it is the lyrical hero it is converted to the gone dog: “ You have left, and what for... “ it, to the contrary, a monologue of the doggie. Then concerts became too much that each time to think out something new, and Sergey began to execute it with “canonical “ the text with which the song also has entered into an album.

the Friendly cartoon from musician Igor Voroshkevicha.

the Little-known facts from life


*Ðîäèëñÿ in a family of the military man in Dresden. Lived in Norilsk.

*Ìóçó÷èëèùå Sergey has finished on a balalaika class. There will be no group “ Ljapis Trubetsky “ could act today as a part of an orchestra of national tools.

*Ïåðâàÿ rehearsal “ Ljapisov “ has taken place in a man`s toilet muzuchilishcha.

*Ñàìîèðîíèÿ at Sergey - family. If in some families a meal cult, at Mikhalkov - a humour cult. There live parents “ ljapisa “ in Samohvalovichah.

*Åùå in 1998 Mihalok in connection with unflattering at times statements in the address “ Ljapisov “ sneered over belorusskojazychnym fate. Then he also did not suspect that soon itself will start to write songs on the Belarus.

the Private affair

1. You use what slogan in difficult reality situations?

- I know that I exist, and that there are you - it is necessary to prove still.


2. In what actions would not began to participate not at any price?

- In any violent actions of direct action.


3. In what situations you are ready to work free of charge?

- Such situations there can be one million.


4. The Ensample in your area of creativity?

- Mohhamed Ali, Mike Patton, vocalist Faith No More, Henry Rollins.


5. In what situations you feel feeling of delight?

- any new experience (the book, a new song), though I the person quiet can be the Occasion.


the Best songs

“ You have thrown “

“ Au “

“ Zalatyja jajtsy “

“ the Capital “

“ ranetoe heart “