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Why metropolitan Cyril became the locum tenen?

after sudden demise of the Most holy Patriarch Alex on   a post of the Patriarchal Locum tenen, that is the time head of Church, metropolitan Cyril has been selected.

For many analysts it became   unexpectedness, as   on a seniority hirotonii it takes the fifth place among Constant members of the Synod. However the Synod has charged it management of Church before convocation of the Local council which will select the new patriarch.   so nevertheless why it has occurred? In what an intrigue? On these and others   questions we have asked to respond the Diocesan of Viennese and Austrian Ilariona, which   is the committee-man on Local council preparation

the Lord, tell pozhalujsty about the reasons of such decision?

I Think, it has occurred first of all colleagues - members of the Sacred Synod - well knew metropolitan Cyril about that special role which he played during lifetime of the Most holy Patriarch, and about that special trust which was fed for it with died Pervosvjatitel.  

At each chief - the style of work, the management methods, the secrets of success, the technique of the organisation of working process and the support group . During all time of patriarchate dead Pervosvjatitel leant against group of the people which structure did not undergo radical changes.  

Who was a part of this group?  

According to the charter, the Patriarch is the ruling bishop of the Moscow archdiocese including Moscow and area. With management of archdiocese the Most holy was helped by metropolitan Juvenaly. Wards of a city of Moscow the Most holy operated, but it had also a right hand - archbishop Istrinsky Arseny.  

If to speak about people who helped the Most holy with management of all Church here the key role is played by two hierarches: operating affairs of the Moscow Patriarchy and chairman OVTSS.  

Some years after Alex II has entered on a patriarchal see, a post operating affairs was vacant. At patriarch Pimene the Most holy held this post and after itself became the patriarch   on the former carried out these duties. Then this place a metropolitan has occupied Solnechnogorsky Sergy, it was replaced by metropolitan Kliment.  

the Post of chairman OVTSS during all period of its patriarchate was occupied with metropolitan Cyril appointed to it still at patriarch Pimene.  

As are divided the competence upravdelami and chairman OVTSS? Who for what responds?  

it is traditional in competence sphere upravdelami that enters, as to internal life of Church whereas chairman OVTSS is responsible for its intercourses with an external world.    

Alex`s Patriarchate II was necessary for those years when in territory of historical Russia there were global geopolitical changes. Soviet Union has broken up, the independent states were formed. In each of them the political management several times changed. And with each political leader the Most holy had to build personal relations.    

Geopolitical changes to affect and relations with Pomestnymi Orthodox Tserkvami and inoslavnymi faiths. From - for violent acts Greek - roman catholics in the Western Ukraine have essentially grown cold pravoslavno - roman catholic relations. Because of intrusion Constantinople and Romanian Patriarhatov on historical territory of Russian Church relations with them have essentially become complicated. Died Pervosvjatitelju had to make uneasy decisions on an Interchristian and interorthodox problematics. Metropolitan Cyril was its main assistant and the adviser.  

chairman OVTSS should offer to the discretion of the Most holy the basic variant of the decision of this or that problem. I have not made a reservation, having told: the basic variant . The most holy did not love, that it put before a choice between two or several alternatives ( your Svjatejshestvo, it is possible to arrive so, and it is possible differently - as bless? ) . He demanded as much as possible strict expert examination, as much as possible detailed study of a question, but a result of this study should become one concrete recommendation which the Most holy could accept completely, accept with amendments or reject.

the Role of metropolitan Cyril as the basic adviser of the Most holy for questions tserkovno - the state relations became obvious at Gorbachev. Then it was necessary to take of such position which would provide Churches stability without dependence from a political conjuncture.    

Then there has come an era of Yeltsin at whom the country has run into a status of political and economic chaos. Remember events of 1993 when the Patriarch and metropolitan Cyril tried to reconcile executive and legislative branches of the power between which the bloody conflict has inflamed.  

As you believe, what changes will be undergone by management system Church at the new Patriarch?  

Any head, even the most talented and outstanding, cannot correctly organise working process if will lean only against the forces and will not create strong the command which will provide carrying out of its decisions in life. The success of many undertakings of the died Most holy Patriarch was provided not only its own exclusive qualities, but also that he has managed to form such team that he has entrusted key positions to the reliable and checked up people. The management system created by it has not broken up after his death, but continues to function without failures.

it is difficult to foresee now, this system will undergo what changes at the new Patriarch. One it is possible to tell with confidence: The continuity of a course will be saved, if the patriarch selects one of those who at died Pervosvjatitele occupied key posts in system of the church management, one of those to whom the Most holy trusted and on whom relied.  


the Diocesan Viennese and Austrian Ilarion (Alphaeus Grigory Valerevich) - 42 years.    

Is the representative of Russian Orthodox Church at the European international organisations.  

Heads Russian Orthodox Church archdioceses in Austria and Hungary. The doctor of philosophy of the Oxford university, a doctor of divinity Parisian Piously - Sergievsky institute.  

the Author of numerous books and articles on doctrinal and tserkovno - historical subjects, and also pieces of music chamber, symphonic and oratorialnogo a genre.    

the Committee-man on Local council preparation.