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Phones in Khabarovsk have earned not at all

On Tuesday, on December, 16th, in article Phones have earned at all has written that experts Dalsvjazi have coped with fire consequences on automatic telephone exchange and have connected to communication of all 22710 subscribers. However, as it has appeared, phones have earned not at all. To us in edition our reader Vladimir METSENKO has called and has told that and more the minimum at ten persons does not work for it phone. Behind the comment we were converted to experts.

- As a whole on all city of an order of 500 persons for which phones do not work, - has told Yana SERIKOV, the chief of service it is information - analytical maintenance of the Khabarovsk branch of Open Society Dalsvjaz . - the Reason that in time under abnormal condition - a recovery work malefactors cut out four main cables. And just now, when the telephone exchange has earned, began to find out probably, which phones have suffered. To connect them to communication we plan about New year.

So if phone does not work for you, it is necessary to be converted with the demand into user`s department in a residence or to call by phone 065. Also the demand can be left in point of sales to the address: street Volochaevsky, 113.