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Bulgarians too undertook cobble-stones

After Riga yesterday has lighted Sofia. Thousand the Bulgarians dissatisfied with deterioration of life, have gathered at parliament to express the relation to the authorities. Very soon peace demonstration has ceased to be that. After charges in corruption, an inefficiency of board and appeals to retire in a parliament building cobble-stones have departed. Has got also to policemen - six from them are hospitalised.
the European Union of the Soviet Socialist republics as began to name EU after acceptance in it of the former countries - participants of the Warsaw contract, seemingly, fell down as a house of cards.
Far to go behind the answer to a question why it happens, it is not necessary. After all after occurrence in EU tomato republic Bulgaria, as well as shprotnaja Latvia (it is good still, in Europe are not present republics banana), actually a vein on European Union money. As before it is on money of the USSR. But crisis has placed all in the places. The stream of a plentiful freebie has run low - the union the union, but everyone today for itself. Here also tomatoes and sprats are not become necessary to old Europe: the to farmers not to allow to sink. And to live on what? It has appeared that anybody about it neither in Bulgaria, nor in Latvia especially did not reflect. So an event no more than payment for levity. Crisis wanders across Europe. Who following?.