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Wheel - advance payment, the engine - the salary

Workers of Japanese autoconcern Toyota are ready to buy on own will the cars collected by the hands and by that to increase sales. Till the end of March a new car will buy more than 2200 managers of an average link working at the main office of the company in Japan.
Following the results of 2008 Toyota has sold almost 9 million cars. But if to an example of corporate enthusiasts all follow 300 thousand employees of the company working worldwide support can appear powerful.
- We reduce in the various image costs during crisis, but such company yet we do not plan, - have declared in a press - Open Company service Toyota the Motor in Moscow. - employees and so buy our cars, using corporate discounts which reach 13 %.
And here violently to pay out the wages crystal, meat grinders, vodka and other goods only 15 - 20 years ago in Russia was norm. A leah directors of the enterprises on such step now - the big question will go. But, can, just in case be arranged with the loader on a meat-packing plant?