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Putin is ready to throw out in an oven all gas correspondence

Yesterday to Putin in It is new - Ogarevo there have arrived prime ministers of Moldova, Slovakia and Bulgaria - the countries on which bezgaze has struck especially painfully
- the Occasion sad, - the Russian prime minister has met colleagues.
He has told that is discouraged by, how the Ukrainian partners (even few times named their friends) carry out, more precisely, do not carry out signed with Russia and Europe documents and the Russian gas to Europeans do not give.
- We have renewed giving, - Putin has reminded. Also has shown the letter sent from Ukraine in Gazprom: we pay your attention that gas giving in Sudzhu is carried out by Russia unilaterally, without the coordination .
- That it means? - Putin has asked and itself has explained: - Ukraine recognises that giving is. Also that the Ukrainian party interferes with it.
In the premiere answer have developed before Putin a picture of cold horrors. Zynaida Grechanaja has especially emotionally acted the Moldavian prime minister:
- People do not understand, why should freeze, if Moldova has concluded the contract on gas deliveries, and at the world prices - 450 dollars. Since 2006 at us the contract with Gazprom, problems were not. Gazprom - nadezhe.
- Millions citizens of Europe feel hostages, - the Bulgarian prime minister Stanishev has complained. - Transit is stopped without the prevention, there was no time to be prepared.
And the Slovak prime minister Robert Fitso who has just arrived from Kiev, has told:

Putin has specified to prime ministers from the European Union (in the centre in a photo - the prime minister of Slovakia Fitso) and Moldova (extreme on the right) who is guilty in freezing of their countries - Ukraine.
- I would prefer a bilateral meeting, - he has looked at Putin (it is visible, is what to tell tet - and - tet). - I not to complain has arrived, but a situation in Slovakia the crisis. I have told Timoshenko that Ukraine loses trust of Europe from - how itself conducts, - has informed Fitso. But has reminded that Ukraine has given documents on which ostensibly leaves that Russia is guilty.
- What, interesting? - Putin has asked. - What papers if it is already confirmed by observers, what transit does not go? Whoever gave what papers, I am ready to throw out them in an oven! (Putin has raised a folder lying before it and has thrown on a table.)
- We have opened the crane and are ready to deliver gas, - Putin has once again explained. - Ukraine has closed the crane and is not ready. No transit country has the right to take in hostages Europe!
After hour negotiations three prime ministers took seats on cars.
- To Gazprom we will go, - has sighed the Moldavian prime minister.