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The Khabarovsk confectioners undertook cows

In the recent issue we told that in shops of a city already full - is full of souvenirs with the image of a symbol of year of a future Bull. Confectioners the New auction too prepare for Khabarovsk the sweet gift.

Very soon in city shops there will be a pie Cheerful korovka .

- This recipe we have brought from England. On taste it reminds irisku. Such here, know, returning in the childhood. Nevertheless remember Baltic sweets Korovka - tells the assistant to the general director on company manufacture the New auction Lyudmila BABICH.

On the green meadow showered with sugar snowflakes, have lain down to have a rest two spotty burenki. Korovki the praline of the most gentle cream and the condensed milk lie on a gentle honey biscuit with a layer from a cream. The piquancy to taste is given by a sweet stuffing from apples. Martsepanovye cows who are done manually by confectioners the New auction will be pleasant not only to children, but also adults.

- Spotty burenok it is possible to eat. And it is possible to take away from a celebratory pie and to put houses, for example, on kitchen. Skulpturka all year will remind you of a feast, - Lyudmila BABICH considers. - sugar means energy. Such sugar cows for certain will fill your house with heat and a cosiness, and the main thing - a feast will lodge at you for a long time.

In a gift from the New auction Khabarovsk citizens receive as a matter of fact a legendary English pie Cheerful korovka . On Foggy Albion it is known even by the smallest inhabitants.

In these holidays, and then all year Cheerful korovka from the New auction becomes a desired gift for everyone.

In cafe the Cup of tea or in shop Maxim You can reserve a pie of any size on a family feast or korporativ. Confectioners the New auction will plant on a pie so much korovok, how much it will be necessary for you.

- Know, there is such expression it is healthy as a bull - Lyudmila Babich speaks. - here all our pies are prepared from qualitative products. Production has small term of realisation, and it means that our pies and cakes always the fresh. With sweet pleasures the New auction you can not worry about the health and health of the relatives.