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Schoolboys from large families will feed free of charge

the Penza management of education has accepted long-term target programmmy on 2009 - 2010. It the Large family, 2009 - 2010 and Perfection of catering services of pupils of municipal educational institutions of a city of Penza on the basis of introduction of new technologies of cooking on 2009 - 2010 .

According to these programs, schoolboys - invalids and pupils from large families are provided with a free food. On a choice it is offered or a breakfast - 20 roubles or a dinner - 25 roubles a day. Children from needy families will be will receive the grant at a rate of 9 roubles on every day. Just the same grant it decided to allocate with the pupil 1 - 4 classes, and also to children - orphans and consisting on the account in an antitubercular clinic.

According to the Penza management of education, 90 % of younger schoolboys have dinner at school, 6,63 % take with themselves from the house meal. To the senior classes the picture changes. Does not eat at school almost third (31,74 %), and to bring meal from the house in the senior classes it is considered, on - visible, not prestigious.