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Where in Kaliningrad to consecrate water and to plunge into epiphany

Smoem sins

Orthodox christians are going to note epiphany - a feast in memory of Jesus Christ ablution in waters of river Jordan. In our area of bathing will take place with 18 for January, 19th in settlements Abundant, Amber, Kosmodemjansky and in Baltiysk, on the sea.

Strict rules as it is necessary to be dipped on epiphany, no. But usually this triple immersing in water with a head. Thus the believer is baptised and says: For the sake of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Ghost!

On poverjam, water on epiphany in all rivers and lakes gets wonder-working properties: it is considered that, having bathed on epiphany, it is possible to wash off from itself all sins and to get healthy.

we Fill bottles!

this year in an epiphany feast a diocesan the Baltic Seraphim will consecrate water for kaliningradtsev. Sanctification will take place on Sunday, on January, 18th, in Piously - Nikolsky a female monastery (on Shady avenue, 39) and on January, 19th, in the Cathedral church of the Christ of the Savior on the area of Victory after the Divine liturgy which will begin in 10. 00.

also water sanctification will take place in all other temples of Kaliningrad and area.

Time to create good

the Christmas-tide by tradition name twelve holidays - anno Domini before epiphany, that is from January, 7 till January, 19th. These days it is impossible to quarrel, talk smut and bear somebody of malice. It is necessary to tell each other, to relatives, neighbours tender words, to treat and on a broader scale to try to make to somebody something good: for example, to give alms to beggars. Long since on the Christmas-tide arranged festivals.


the Guessing - a sin

On the Christmas-tide, on poverjam, heavens open, and the person would like to glance in the future, to tell fortunes. In spite of the fact that a Christmas-tide - the period between two big holytides, the church concerns guessings negatively.

- Process of a guessing from the point of view of church is inadmissible, - has told father Andrey PASHIN, the chairman of a parish council Piously - the Andreevsky temple in Kaliningrad. - guessings can seem amusing and harmless, but actually it is a thing useless and nothing giving. To glance in the future it is impossible, it is not predetermined. The guessing is a sin.