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Vdovichenkov will appear in Tarase to Potatoes and Arntgolts - in Lapushkah

Six premieres

the Last year became extremely successful for the Kaliningrad actors. Our fellow countrymen have acted in film in many sensational films, where their partners of a steel of a star of cinema.

Artem Tkachenko has appeared the First of kaliningradtsev on the big screen. In March he could be seen in a fantastic thriller Indigo one of roles in which Gosha Kutsenko has played.

Relay race at Artema was intercepted by the actor Tilsit - theatre Vitaly Kishchenko. In September at cinemas of all country showed a drama the Stone head where Kishchenko has acted in film   together with boxer Nikolay Valuevem. Then, in November, Vitaly could be seen in a thriller House together with Konstantin Habensky, Vladimir Mashkov and Chulpan Hamatovoj.

In November the turn has come to declare itself to Vladimir Vdovichenkovu. Only this time native Gusev in a shot was not: it has sounded the protagonist of new Disney`s animated cartoon Volt .

Under the end of the year Maxim Matveev typing popularity has flashed. On December, 4th Maxim was lighted in the Tariff New Year`s and the premiere of a musical " on December, 25th has taken place; Dandies with its participation. The film goes till now at the Kaliningrad cinemas, therefore you still have a chance to see our fellow countryman together with Oksana Akinshinoj, Sergey Garmashem, Oleg Yankovsky and other remarkable actors. The schedule of sessions look on page 14.

Have got involved in an unpleasant incident

In the come year us not less prime minister with participation of actors from Kaliningrad waits. Even in the summer our well-known zemljachka Olga Arntgolts has stopped to act in a film the Pseudonym for the hero director Romana Kachanova. Now the girl too is occupied at cinema.

- I participate in the project which is called Lapushki - Olja admitted to us. Is an eight-serial picture of the director of Olga Muzalevoj, it is familiar to all on work on a film Taksistka . Lapushki - history about three absolutely different girls who fault of circumstances get to adventurous history. Spectators will see a ready film by next new year. At cinema now an uneasy situation. Full-length tapes have left in the urged holiday at least till the spring. Actors worry, speak about crisis much. When Mosfilm all is silent and does not do offers, in horror.

Vladimir Vdovichenkov without work does not sit. In 2009 it should appear at once in two scale pictures. And both is on a historical subject. In a long-awaited screen version Taras Potatoes (the premiere is planned for April, 2nd) Vladimir has played Ostapa, and in a drama Kromov at it a leading role - the military attache of the Russian empire in France. Premiere date is not declared yet.

Artem Tkachenko too has played in a historical tape. It is called the Barbarian also tells about the fearless girl who is urged to take a sword in hands. Vitaly Kishchenko, on the contrary, has gone to the future: action of its new film the Target it is developed in Russia in 2020. Unfortunately, the information on the beginning of hire of both pictures while is not present.

Star visitors

the Well-known actors, actresses and film directors look to Kaliningrad much less often variety and fate - stars. And still in 2008 to us has carried to see alive many figures of cinema. Here the incomplete list of those who came:  

Oleg Tabakov

Michael Porechenkov

Konstantin Habensky

Marina Zudin

Natalia Krachkovsky

Larissa Udovichenko

Alexander Mihajlov

Yury Chernov

Nina and Andrey Urganty

Valentine Gaft

Michael Kozakov

Jean - Jacque Anno (the French director, the owner Oscar ) .

Linda Verlinder (the Swedish actress who has acted in film in Munich Stephen Spielberg).

With pleasure we will remind and that the national actress of RSFSR Larissa Golubkina came to Kaliningrad under the invitation of our newspaper. The actress participated in collection presentation Film classics .


the Five of the largest film festivals which have passed in our area:

the Fourth festival of the European Union countries

Festival of French of cinema

Festival of German of cinema

Festival of Northern countries

the Baltic debuts