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The head of the Ministry of Emergency Measures repaired sockets, Bashin of saws sake

Here and feasts have ended: behind New year and Christmas. In the refrigerator does not remain salad stocks olive and a jelly, the fur-tree was showered, and mood already completely not New Year`s. This year kaliningradtsy, as well as all Russians, had a rest already till January, 10th. Someone lay at home on a sofa, someone went on visitors. We have asked at known kaliningradtsev - a leah they were tired of long New Year`s vacation and as have met New year.

Alexander BASHIN

Alexander BASHIN, the former main architect of Kaliningrad:

- I was absolutely not tired Of New Year`s vacation - was at home in an office, worked and even house to me did not disturb. Feasts are time when I can easy think of the architecturally - investment projects. In the future one we plan to realise in Kaliningrad, and one - in Svetlogorsk. I even to leave anywhere have not wanted on feasts. Besides on the eve of New year I was in Tokyo. A remarkable, pure, hi-tech city. I lived there on 27 - m a floor in the big hostel and all free time was necessary to sleep, after all at Tokyo with Kaliningrad the big difference in time. It was possible only in spa - the salon to descend. For memory of a trip I have bought to myself Japanese slippers, a kimono and sake.


Yury CHINCHUKOV, the chief of Central administrative board of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia across the Kaliningrad region:

- All New Year`s vacation I held a hand on pulse. Feasts - disturbing time, once left on rescue of fishermen on a gulf, every day rang out Department of the Ministry of Emergency Measures, specified conditions... And on a broader scale we with a family only - only have moved to new office apartment, therefore affairs though take away: placed furniture, displayed things which - where was necessary to repair sockets From - for house efforts could not leave on fishing at all. And on a broader scale I not the sluggard also have a rest only at night


Anna BOGRAD, the head of Agency on property at the government of the Kaliningrad region:

- All last winters for New year I left to Moscow where in the country we celebrated a feast with friends. This year we remained in Kaliningrad, met year of the Bull of the house with the child, the husband and the mother-in-law: have prepared salads, fish, pies. I spent all New Year`s feasts with a family, but for work, to tell the truth, pulled. So in the first day in the office I hurried as on a feast. To have a rest it is a lot of days pleasantly, but tjazhelovato.  

Svetlana SIVKOVA

Svetlana SIVKOVA, the director of the Museum of the World ocean:

- I, as well as all art dealers, in New Year`s vacation worked, so neither to have a rest, nor there was no time to be tired. We raked snow, on a vessel nose the Hero established a fur-tree, accepted visitors and led excursions. That is interesting, kaliningradtsy, probably, having been frightened of world crisis, have not gone to the Alpes, and have directed in city museums. For days of New Year`s vacation we have accepted 10 thousand persons! New year I, of course, marked houses with a family, and after a feast it was possible to escape for one day to Gdansk. But besides - on work: All time has spent in a local sea museum.