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In Khabarovsk punks have noted the new year

In   Khabarovsk there has passed an amusing party. In   Jazz rock cafe have decided to note old New year. Thus to celebrate an alternative feast have solved also alternatively and unusually. As the present punks, which as you know, all on a drum. Thus   party slogans were such:   Is not present to fluffy fur-trees! is not present sonorous bubentsam! Is not present to bright toys! Is not present to gifts! you give the punk - new year!

- the Idea of evening such, - speaks Glory KADILOV, the organizer of a party. - there is a normal New year when people beautifully put on, drink champagne and give each other gifts, and there is an alternative old New year. Here and at punks too not all as at people. Therefore young men who drink beer and that is stronger here have gathered, they are dressed   in torn jeans.

And really the people have tried. Besides sticking out hair, at some children ears were obveshany earrings, eyes are brought by a black pencil, and consciousnesses of an eye wandering in the dark gave out their drunk status.

Well, and on a scene the people entertained and got   the and another`s music fate - groups of frankly nasty level.  

- We have specially collected groups which plainly are not able to play, - the Glory continues. - though here there are also quite good commands, so to say for contrast.

As a result the party has proved that any, even as New year, it is possible to note such light feast on - black, on - pankovski. And at all about it not to feel sorry.

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