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Chelsea Clinton ordered to grow thin urgently to the father to wedding

To a feast of less month, and journalists till now not in a course who the designer of a wedding dress, about a ceremony place.

the Uniform disgrace! Data are poor and defective. To journalists has come less than nothing: the groom – financier Mark Mezvinski (the American of the Jewish origin) and all basic preparations for wedding are already made. Though details of these preparations too are known only in general.

But - taki which - that in the press has slipped all. While Chelsea gathers under a crown in the dress from Oscar de la Renta, favourite Lory Bush. However it is not excluded that at the last minute it will go over to Vere Vang, even more classical designer, than Oscar. A choice responsible. After all the bride all - taki not huhry - muhry, and the descendant of political establishment of the USA.

hearings as if wedding will occur on the Jewish ceremonial (the groom the convinced Jew) Also wander. Also all list of visitors is not announced yet. Say, have invited 400 persons, most close to families of the groom and the bride. Interesting, who these relatives? Bill has declared that it will not be typical wedding « celebrities ». Interesting, and Clinton has invited friend Putin when came recently to Moscow? Time will tell. Naturally, mum of the bride has not stood aside from preparation for matrimony - state secretary Hilari Clinton also.

In one of fresh interviews the future mother-in-law Mezvinski has declared: « to Organize wedding of the daughter – it as is difficult, as well as to spend conference on peaceful settlement in the Near East ». We represent, as fusses and this American family runs! We do not envy them even. And especially to Bill. It is necessary it more difficultly, than other. He should grow thin strenuously. After all Chelsea has strictly punished to the father to result itself in the good form. She wants, that to an altar it was conducted by the tightened and young-looking father.