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Expensive vladivostoktsy! Dear fellow countrymen!

150 - letie our city – it not simply beautiful date. It is a starting point with which the new stage of development of Vladivostok, probably, its rebirth begins. Occurring transformations which should be noticed, undoubtedly, will change a city our to the best. Erection of bridges through a bay of the Gold Horn and on island Russian, building new and reconstruction of old roads, other objects of summit ATES - 2012 give to hope to heart of each townspeople – hope of the further development of the city, of its transformation into the international centre of business cooperation, in the centre of the international tourism, in one of leading cities of the Russian Far East.

very much it would be desirable to hope that through two - three years our city becomes millionnikom. Also that behind this number which so is loved by statisticans, there will be our real achievements - economy growth, the business development, new workplaces. It would be desirable to hope also that with a development of the city will receive a new push its building industry. In Vladivostok necessarily there will be new modern microdistricts with high modern houses, in whose windows the peace sky, a shining sun and the pure sea will be reflected!  

  From the bottom of the heart I congratulate on a feast of all townspeople, all employees of the company « RosPlast - Vladivostok » all partners of our company, all our clients!

With good luck and prosperity best regards to all inhabitants of our perfect city Leonid Anatolevich KIRILIN, the director of the company « RosPlast - Vladivostok » the leading manufacturer of plastic windows in Vladivostok.