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City history it is done together!

-   Any significant event in public, cultural life of a city does not pass by our publishing house, - the general director of Joint-Stock Company « confirms; LIT » Natalia Barhudarova. - Our booklets and catalogues shined film festivals « Meridians Silent ». To 65 - letiju a Victory Day we have let out nine books, the devoted Great Patriotic War and to participation in it our fellow countrymen - vladivostoktsev. Two years ago to 110 - letiju the Vladivostok and Seaside archdiocese the highly artistic book with a considerable quantity of photos and the materials, telling about stories and today of Orthodoxy in Primorski Krai is published, have let out desktop orthodox calendars and many other things.   we closely work with galleries « art - a floor » « the Arch » Many years it is co-operated with artists Vladimir Pogrebnjakom, Sergey Tcherkasov and other masters in which creativity Vladivostok occupies one of the central places. As it is known, this year the actions devoted to Year of France in Russia are carried out. We have let out and have presented to a city an exclusive set of cards of works of masters of the French painting which originals are exposed in Seaside regional art gallery.  

- Means, it is possible to tell that destiny of Joint-Stock Company « LIT » closely intertwines about life of a native city and townspeople?

- Yes, it so. After all we let out a lot of production without which it is impossible business and an everyday life of Vladivostok. It both securities, and forms of the various white papers used in daily work by the city authorities, banks, the insurance companies and business circles, registration or notarial documents, bills, insurance policies and etc.

We participate practically in all social programs of the city demanding release of production protected from fakes. We make preferential tickets, certificates under the program « Apartment to a young family » and many other things.    

... The publishing house collective joins wishes of the head

we Make production which almost all townspeople, &ndash face; it and tickets for all types of transport, both thematic newspapers, and various popular booklets. Not so long ago have started to print magazine « City Vladivostok » which has very quickly won popularity among townspeople.

And let at our enterprise not such solid age as at a native city, we consider ourselves as its integral part.

In the same way, as well as directed in the future, promptly developing   and horoshejushchy every year Vladivostok,   and our enterprise is not necessary on a place. Along with release of securities and the protected exclusive printed matter we annually master new kinds of polygraphy, we perfect the production technology, we improve quality, we involve new customers.

- At Joint-Stock Company collective « LIT » there are any wishes to a favourite city in Day of its birth?

- it is From the bottom of the heart desirable the further prosperity and development, and also stability. Let our city will be cosy and well-groomed, arranged more well and convenient for townspeople and the numerous visitors, attractive to businessmen and investors. We see, what rates transfigure our city, and very much hope that the administration of Vladivostok will make even more that it became the best city of Russia!