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Diagnostics - in a gift!

… a green valley in Shkotovsky area, picturesque hills, wood, small river – of course, the corner of the nature which has been not spoilt by a civilisation. A cosy two-storeyed cottage, house atmosphere. Aura in clinic Follja as if the live. For three years many inhabitants of Vladivostok here have visited. And again came back. Why? About it – our conversation cглавным the doctor of clinic the Rose Those.

- Roza Djaunovna, more and more doctors speak about organism pollution as to a principal cause of various diseases. Danger is really great?  

- And you know, what the quarter of all death in the world occurs for the reason zashlakovannosti? What 33 percent of women after 40 years have stones in a gall bladder? That in an organism well feeling, « almost healthy »   the person 10 kg of slags contain almost? They gradually collect in an intestines, a liver, kidneys, joints, arteries. Nervous channels are blocked so that signalling on them becomes impossible! Pollution of the internal environment of an organism leads to the hardest diseases, up to oncology. But is most sad that in such situation at times and treatment powerlessly, and medicines - are mortally dangerous. Not casually one of precepts of the Tibetan medicine says: « At first clear - be then treated ».

- Really an organism not in a status itself to consult?

- Unfortunately, no. Too a considerable quantity of toxic substances arrives with exhaust gases from transport, with food, water and air. Each of us gives a haven to salts of heavy metals and chemical substances. And if you were treated by antibiotics inside remained also covers of the lost bacteria with toxins inside. Attack is too strong. And the organism is capable to consult only with natural surpluses. Alas, the ecology, stresses, a wrong way of life take away from it all forces!

- However it is necessary to be cleared too competently …

- it is unconditional! To stuff itself with tablets, to get rid from zasorov in an organism, senselessly, the professional program developed   here is necessary; experts on the basis of pilot survey. Therefore the first step for each patient of our clinic becomes vegetativno - resonant diagnostics. With its help about 90 percent of diseases at the earliest stages are distinguished, activators of the latent infections, gelmintov, various parasites, fungi are found out. For example, we find out specific microorganisms in inhabitants of our favourite Vladivostok. Who from us does not like to regale on crabs, shrimps, molluscs? And they, as a rule, are infected by such dangerous parasites, as apistorhija or klanorhija. These evil spirits are destroyed by a method of frequency therapy. And also acts in film radioactive, electromagnetic, geopathogenic loadings which respond in the person metabolism infringements.  

- What is the time it is required for balance restoration?

- We suggest our visitors to spend in klinke six days. For organism clarification   the office gidrokolonoterapii works, the diet including protivogelmintnye products, sbitni with application of silicon water is developed. On health service - all kinds of reflexotherapy, and also an effective method of influence on biologically active points vacuum banks which sates an organism with oxygen and rejuvenates it. There is even a phytobutt which helps to deduce the accumulated slags and to support an organism with aromas of medicative herbs and a miracle cedar. Besides, we learn to concern own health competently. Correctly to breathe, eat, drink good useful water, to be engaged in gymnastics, to conquer stresses, to save youth and health. As a result stresses leave the person together with slags and superfluous kgs. Therefore to us also come back. Again to feel a sound body and soul.  

- Probably, health also is the main value?

is a culture of life. And only such life has a future without the travails, aimed at success and pleasure. Certainly, responsibility for the health to take uneasy. Persistence, will power and huge work are required. But, having taken this step, you qualitatively change destiny! And, congratulating all inhabitants and visitors of Vladivostok from it 150 - letiem, I wish all: good luck! And in honour of an anniversary of Vladivostok we have prepared the action « Diagnostics in a gift » - each patient of clinic Follja has possibility to pass vega - the test absolutely free of charge. And results of recreational programs will not keep itself waiting. Come!

« Youth and Health Clinic « Hope » (clinic Follja): Primorski Territory, settlement Shtykovo, Shevtsov`s street, 7.

All details by phones: (4232) 920 - 303, 743 - 112 . www. vollmed. ru

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