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How about state of health?

you are executed forces and energy or broken by pains and all illnesses? And malopodvizhnost joints does not disturb? We do not doubt that you aspire to feel young and healthy, despite of age.

But now at inhabitants of big cities in an organism such quantity of harmful substances collects that breath, blood circulation both all other bodies and systems suffer affliction from it. « Zashlakovannyj » the person gradually and imperceptibly for itself gets used to a status of the raised weariness. Ask it as he feels, he will respond: « Yes like it is normal ». Normal he considers also the frequent indispositions.

we Offer an exit!

the Technique of clarification from « Revital Park » - unique in Novosibirsk which holds a patent for the invention that underlines its uniqueness, efficiency and security. By the present moment many novosibirtsy have already tested on themselves rejuvenating and ozdoravlivajushchy effect of this program.

the Basic maintenance - the stage-by-stage clarification of all bodies accompanied razgruzochno - dietary therapy. Cleaning procedures influence the basic systems of an organism - intestines, zhelchevyvodjashchie ways, kidneys, respiratory system, a skin. And razgruzochno - dietary therapy is powerful stimulus for immunity strengthening: abstention from food will mobilise reserve forces of an organism, forcing to recede chronic illnesses. And together with illnesses excess weight leaves also.

Results of our patients

« the Clearing program has yielded not simply external results, - one of patients of the centre Ekaterina R, shares impressions 43 years. - I have grown thin for 6 kg, have lost 5 sm in volumes - friends have been amazed! But the main thing: I was tormented for a long time already by dream infringements, a status of constant weariness - and now my dream became deep and high-grade. Leaving sanatorium, I felt tremendous ease and as if has slept off for all life though the program sated, and slept I no more than 8 - 9 hours per day. It inspires! »

the clarification Program is calculated on a course from 7 till 19 days. For this period it is possible to reach real results.

« I have not simply felt - I have seen at once program results, - Igor S, tells 45 years. - Last years I have faced a problem oblysenija. Speak, for the man it is a good indicator, but it did not please me. After a course in « Revital Park » hair have ceased to drop out. With a skin too there were not frets: years with 30 I suffered affliction psoriazom, now practically it I do not notice. Besides I have grown thin for 8 kg - the wife in delight ».

Gidrokolonoterapija is a deep clarification of intestines: It is cleared on 2/ 3 lengths. At carrying out of procedure by the primary goal removal kalovyh stones and slags from a gleam of thick intestines is.

the Combination razgruzochno - dietary therapy, balneal, clearing procedures gives improbable effect of improvement and a rejuvenation.

Sanatorium « Revital Park »

Novosibirsk, Wood highway, 1 (the Zaeltsovsky pine forest), Ph. (383) 2 - 333 - 900

www. revital - park. ru

There are contra-indications to application. It is necessary to consult with the expert.