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an United Russia supports Vladivostok in all positive undertakings

Recently from Moscow good news has come. Within the limits of the party project « an United Russia » the federal centre has allocated to Vladivostok of 564 million roubles for repair pridomovyh territories and interquarter roads. The sum, frankly speaking, unprecedented and very timely. In a year of the 150 - letija the seaside capital had a possibility to put in order   territories which need for a long time it.

- Igor Aleksandrovich how this decision was accepted?

-   on June, 15th in Moscow session of the General council of party « has taken place; an United Russia » where I have been invited also together with a member of Gensoveta from Primorski Territory, rector DVGU Vladimir Ivanovichem Kurilovym and the deputy of the State Duma, a member of our regional political council Vasily Ivanovichem Usoltsevym. During the report on a party role in upgrade of the country the chairman of the High council « an United Russia » BorisGryzlov has presented the new party project « Roads « an United Russia » having told that till the end of 2010 for its realisation in 32 cities will be allocated 16 billion roubles.

And when next day to me has called   the head of Vladivostok Igor Sergeevich Pushkarev also has told that at 18 o`clock he is invited by party leadership for conversation concerning realisation of this project to territories of Vladivostok, I, of course, was surprised. To tell the truth, did not think that the decision across Vladivostok will be accepted so quickly. I will tell more: our city has got to the list of three cities of DVFO in which the party project in 2010, and on   will work; the next year on this project « an United Russia » will allocate already 34 billion roubles.

- As these means will be distributed and be spent?

- Instructing mayors of those cities by whom means, the Secretary of Presidium of the General council of party « have been allocated; an United Russia » VjacheslavVolodinskazal that this money can be used only on an accomplishment pridomovyh territories.   first of all it is necessary to put in order roads round houses, entrances to hospitals and schools, social establishments. In Vladivostok in this sense it is necessary to make much.

I consider that this project not only party, but also national. The first that I have made, is have set the task of the head of a public reception of Vladimir Vladimirovicha Putin in Vladivostok Tatyana Zabolotnoj to systematise all complaints and references of townspeople concerning a bad status pridomovyh territories. For today has arrived more than two hundred collective demands which satisfaction, by estimates of experts, will demand about two billions roubles. Keep in mind, as the edge budget, and city budget too allocates means for these purposes. Can quite be that under any demands of inhabitants the municipality will work also.

- We have created a staff where have entered, the chairman of the Duma of Vladivostok Valery Mihajlovich Rozov, the mayor, a member of Presidium of regional political council Igor Sergeevich Pushkarev, the assistant to the Secretary of regional political council, the Secretary of Local political council of May Day area Leonid Borisovich Preminger who will carry out information support of this project, and the head of the Regional Public reception of Chairman of the party Vladimir Putin Tatyana Vladimirovna Zabolotnaja. Inhabitants have a possibility to collect the demand and to submit them on my name – the Secretary of regional political council in V.Putin`s located in Vladivostok to the address the Public reception:   street Aleutian, 16. Naturally, the first at program drawing up will consider the demands submitted before others. We will create three folders: for addresses where works will begin right after receptions of money, for addresses where works will be partially spent, and for addresses which will get to the program the next year.

In all disctricts of the city staffs where heads administratively - territorial administrations will enter, secretaries of local political councils and as we very much would like, representatives of the public will be created. Better national control anything is not present.

- That is you aspire to that the project was as much as possible transparent?

- it is natural. As soon as sent by us to Moscow lists of concrete addresses will be confirmed, we there and then will place all information on our party site. That people knew, where and when those or other works will be made. I will underline that on the same site we weekly give all information on a course of the project with instructions concrete responsible for works under the party project. I invite inhabitants of Vladivostok to leave the responses on the Internet - a portal of our site.

- Who will make works?

- As soon as money will arrive, competition will be declared. Contracts will consist with the most reliable, well proved companies. Thus all procedures provided 194 - m the law, will be observed. Igor Sergeevich Pushkarev has assured that all money uses with the maximum return.

- Probably, the project on an accomplishment pridomovyh territories party « an United Russia » it will not be limited. What directions of upgrade of the country will feel on themselves vladivostoktsy in the near future?

- Within the limits of social and infrastructural party projects additional means for public health services,   will be allocated; pensions the military man will increase, realisation of party projects « will begin; Pure water »   and « the House manager ». The second of them, in my opinion, is especially important, as will allow each family to save 20 - 30 percent from payment for housing and communal services, will raise control over work of management companies.

- How?

- Each interested person within three months can pass special courses, on which it will train first of all in how to defend the rights of consumers of services which are given by so-called natural monopolists.

- « an United Russia » puts before itself a problem to wake the initiative of simple people? To make their socially active?

- At us the institute of supporters of party is already created. There is an Advisory council into which has entered more than 60 public organisations and associations with which we have signed the cooperation agreement. It is literally one of these days to them public association « has joined; the Ark » which heads Artem Moiseenko. The invalid - koljasochnik, it has managed to unite and return to active life set of the   fellow sufferers. With such live, on - to the present the active organisations we also work.

When   in various federal districts multi-region party conferences on which consider on 10 projects,   are spent; put forward by each region (five social orientations, five economic) frequently as initiators of these projects the nonparty organisations act. Now such conference prepares in Far East federal district, and so, any public organisation of Vladivostok has a possibility to leave on this forum with the offers. We with pleasure will consider all ideas, all projects. After all the main task of our party is improvement of quality of life of each concrete person.

- So, and improvement of quality of life vladivostoktsev. Igor Aleksandrovich, what you would wish townsmen in its day 150 - letija?

- Patience. At Vladivostok young, vigorous, ambitious   the mayor who really wants to transform a city.   it is not necessary to demand from it all and at once. It needs time, ours trust and the help.

All know Nikita Sergeevicha Khruschev`s saying: « We will make Vladivostok the second the Dignity - Frantsisko ». I want to wish, that when Barack Obama will arrive to the Dignity - Frantsisko to spend the second election campaign he would tell: « We should make so that the Dignity - Frantsisko was though hardly - hardly is similar to Vladivostok ».